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Can I Get Social Security Disability Benefits for Chronic Heart Failure?

Chronic Heart Failure Social Security

Yes! The Social Security Administration (SSA) uses a Five Step Sequential Evaluation in determining an applicant’s entitlement to Social Security Disability benefits. At Step 3 of the Five Step Sequential Evaluation, the SSA will review your medical records to determine if you have a Listing level impairment for chronic heart failure. The SSA has specific evidentiary requirements that must be met to establish that you’ve met a Listing level impairment. Your medical records must document an abnormal cardiac imagining that shows “objective measures of left ventricular function and structural abnormality in the heart.” §4.00(D)(2) You must also demonstrate that your heart condition...

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This Is What Happens When A ERISA Disability Policy Holder Is Left High and Dry

ERISA Disability Claim Appeals

You purchase a long term disability policy to provide you with peace of mind if you became sick, injured or disabled. Unfortunately, long term disability carriers don’t make it easy for the disability policyholders to get the disability benefits they deserve. Understanding The Disability Insurance Claims Process There are 4 possible scenarios in the claims process. Be sick, injured or disabled people but haven’t yet filed a claim; Applied for benefits and are waiting for a decision of coverage; Been denied in the appeal process stage or; You exhausted the right to appeal the claims denial. Sick, Injured Or Disabled But Not Yet Filed...

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What Prostate Cancer Sufferers Need To Know About Their Long Term Disability Policy

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Prostate cancer is the most common non-skin cancer and the second leading cancer death in the United States. Unfortunately, many prostate cancers grow slowly and do not cause any symptoms in men that have it. IF you’ve been diagnosed with prostate cancer and have a disability policy, there are some things you need to know before you stop working and apply for benefits. Make Sure Your Medical Records Document Your Symptoms. Men can have different symptoms with Prostate cancer which can include: difficulty urinating, frequent urination, brief or interrupted flow, or blood in the urine or semen. The need to urinate frequently can...

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Bacterial Blueprint For Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – Win Your Claim For Long Term Disability Benefits

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Disability Attorney Symptoms

In a study published in Microbiome researchers have identified a new bacterial blueprint for chronic fatigue syndrome. That’s crucial because many long term disability carriers take the position that chronic fatigue syndrome really has no objective or organic cause. What Is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Symptoms? Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) can cause: 1. Extreme fatigue. 2. Fibrofog. 3. Widespread muscle aches. 4. Symptoms consistent with inflammatory bowel disease. What Is So Important About This Study? Researchers discovered that people with chronic fatigue syndrome had higher blood levels of lipopolysaccharides, which are inflammatory molecules that indicate the bacteria has moved from the gut into the blood stream. They analyzed bacteria in...

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If My Cardiovascular Condition Doesn’t Meet the Listing, Can I Try to Prove That My Condition Equals a Listing?

Cardiovascular Condition Social Security Claims

Yes! The Social Security Administration (SSA) evaluates whether or not your medical condition equals a listing under 20 C.F.R. §§ 404.1526 and416.926. This requires the SSA to consult with a SSA medical expert before reaching a conclusion regarding equivalence. It is also helpful if your cardiologist comments on the equivalence by using the New York Heart Association Functional Classifications. Which Two Categories of the New York Heart Association Functional Classification Will Work? Category III requires: (1) marked limitation of physical activity with you being comfortable at rest, (2) Less than ordinary activity causes fatigue, palpitation, or shortness of breath. Alternatively, Category IV requires that you: (1) are...

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ERISA Disability Carriers Must Meet ERISA Claims Denial Deadlines

ERISA Claims Denial Deadlines

If you purchased your disability policy through your employer, that policy is most likely governed by the civil enforcement provisions of the Employer Retirement Income Security Act 1974 (ERISA), 29 USC §1132. In the case of Perry v. Metropolitan Life Ins. Co., No. 4:16-CV-135 (CDL), 2016 WL 4536441 (M.D. GA. August 30, 2016), Ms. Perry was employed by Synovus Financial Corporation where she was covered under a Long Term Disability policy issued by MetLife disability. MetLife paid her benefits and then denied her claim on the basis that she no longer met the standard of disability. Her policy required that she submit...

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What Every Social Security Disability Applicant with Cardiovascular Problems Needs to Know About Meeting a Cardiological Listing

Cardiovascular Problems Disability Attorney Claims

[vc_row triangle_shape="no"][vc_column][vc_column_text]The Social Security Administration (SSA) uses a 5 step sequential evaluation in every Social Security Disability claim to determine whether or not the applicant is entitled to Social Security Disability benefits. At Step 3 of the 5 Step Sequential evaluation, the Social Security Administration will ask if you meet the elements of cardiovascular listing 4.00. If you meet Listing 4.00, you will automatically be entitled to you disability benefits at Step 3. What is a Cardiovascular Impairment? The SSA defines a cardiovascular impairment as “any disorder that affects the proper function of the heart or the circulatory system including arteries, veins, capillaries...

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What Every Social Security Disability Applicant Needs to Know about Exercise Tolerance Testing ETT

Exercise Tolerance Testing ETT

[vc_row triangle_shape="no"][vc_column][vc_column_text]If you’ve been diagnosed with cardiological disease, you may be entitled to Social Security Disability benefits. You can be awarded those benefits at Step 3 of the Five Step Sequential evaluation if you can establish that you meet every element of a Listing for chronic heart failure. Part of the criteria requires the results of exercising testing or, alternatively, documentation the performance of an exercise test (ETT) would present a significant risk to you. Who Makes the Determination of Whether I can Undergo ETTs? Not your doctor! The Social Security Administration (SSA) requires that a medical consultant determine whether or not undergoing...

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Cancer Is The Leading Cause Of Long Term Disability Claims

UNUM Cancer Long Term Disability Claim

Unum Disability Insurance Company, one of the carriers in the United States, has reported that cancer is the leading cause of its disability claims. In fact, cancer counts for over 16% of long term disability claims. Unfortunately, Unum like many disability insurance companies often ignore the side effects of cancer treatment when denying benefits. What You Should Do If Your Cancer Disability Claim Is Denied Receiving a diagnosis of cancer can be devastating and it will take an  emotional toll on you. Unfortunately, many disability carriers don’t deliver on their promise to provide you with disability benefits when you are at the lowest point. ...

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