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What Benefits Do I Get If The Administrative Law Judge Finds I Am Disabled? > What Benefits Do I Get If The Administrative Law Judge Finds I Am Disabled?

Congratulations! If the judge awards your Social Security Disability benefits, you are entitled to monthly disability income benefits and medical benefits.

Monthly Money Benefits

The amount of your monthly check depends on your past earnings history. You can find out how much your estimated monthly check will be by reviewing your Social Security statement. You can find out the amount by going to and clicking on

  1. “Online services,”
  2. “Get your Social Security Statement,”
  3. “View your Social Security Statement online,” and
  4. Create an Account.

It will take about 10 minutes to create an account. Next you will be able to download your Social Security statement.

Now that you have your statement you will want to look for

  1. Whether you are eligible for disability benefits, and
  2. The Primary Insurance Amount (PIA).

The PIA is an estimate of what you would get monthly if your benefits were awarded immediately. The maximum monthly benefit in 2015 is $2,600.

When you reach 65, your Social Security Disability benefits automatically change to Social Security Retirement benefits.                                                   

After you qualify for Social Security disability benefits, you can continue to receive those benefits so long as you remain medically disabled and unable to perform substantial gainful work. Your benefits will stop if you return to work and earn $1,090 or more per month.

Past-Due Monthly or Retroactive Disability Income Benefits

You may be eligible for a lump sum payment of back due SSDI benefits. “Retroactive benefits’’ cover the time period between the date of the award and the month after your Initial Application was filed.

SSI recipients aren’t eligible for retroactive benefits.

Medical Benefits

If you are granted Social Security Disability Benefits, after 24 months of disability benefits you are automatically enrolled in Medicare. The 24-month clock starts with the first month you were entitled to disability benefits.

The medical benefits for a Social Security Income (SSI) beneficiary start from the date of your application; they are retroactive for the three months before your application.

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