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What Information Do I Need to File a Claim? > What Information Do I Need to File a Claim?

The disability claims process is all about paperwork that is purposely designed to allow the disability carrier to delay or deny your claim. ERISA/ID Disability Attorney Nancy L. Cavey has counseled and guided many short and long term disability policyholders through the application process. She has NEVER had any insurance disability application she prepared denied because she anticipates all the ways the carrier will delay making a decision and the arguments the carrier will make to deny your claim.

Disability Application

The application requires that you complete multiple forms. These forms, drafted by the insurance company, are designed to get information from you or your doctor that can be used to deny your claim.

The first is a Disability Application, which asks for detailed information about your medical condition and treatment. The form is deceptively simple; many applicants discount or forget about all the medical conditions that, individually or in combination, can entitle the applicant to disability benefits.

You will be asked to provide detailed information about:

  1. The names, addresses and phone numbers of all your medical providers,
  2. The names of the medicines you are taking and the physicians who prescribed them,
  3. The names and dates of the medical testing you have had, and
  4. What medication you are taking and any side effects.

Attorney Nancy Cavey reviews all of your medical records before you file your application and makes sure you complete your application properly.

Occupational Information

Disability carriers often mischaracterize a policyholder’s occupation because they want to establish that you can still perform the occupation. ERISA/ID attorney Nancy L. Cavey works with you to accurately and completely describe not only the physical but the cognitive requirements of your occupation. It is crucial that your physician understand the material and substantial duties of your occupation in completing the Attending Physician Statement form.


Attending Physician’s Statement

The disability insurance company will ask that your doctor fill out an Attending Physician Statement form commenting on how long you can sit, stand, walk, lift, bend, stoop or reach. The forms are confusing even to physicians and are designed to have your physician give restrictions and limitations that still allow you to do your occupation.

Often the form doesn’t ask the right questions about your medical condition.

If your physician doesn’t support your claim or fills out the form wrong, the disability carrier can deny your claim from the very beginning.

That’s why ERISA/ID attorney Nancy L. Cavey reviews your medical records and the APS form before it is submitted to the carrier.  She makes sure your physician is asked the right questions about your medical condition and that your physician’s answers supports your claim.

Financial Information Required From Professionals

If you are a professional applying for disability benefits, the disability carrier will want to see your personal and corporate tax returns, monthly financial documents and partnership documents. They’ll want that information to determine the amount of your benefits, your entitlement to residual disability benefits and what percentage of your practice income came from what procedures or type of work you did so they can determine the material and substantial duties of your occupation.

It’s Time to Get Help

The paperwork can be overwhelming and downright discouraging. Filing for disability benefits is a coordinated effort between you, your physicians, your accountant and even co-workers. It requires the skill of ERISA/ID Disability Attorney Nancy L. Cavey, who files disability applications every day. She anticipates every question the carrier might have and provides those answers as part of the application shock and awe package she creates and submits.

Ms. Cavey will answer all your questions, gather the information needed, help you fill out the Initial Application and APS forms and submit a winning disability Application. She monitors the application, interacts with the carrier and prepares you for any statement the carrier might want from you.

Ms. Cavey charges an hourly rate or flat fee for these services. It’s time to get help so you can get the disability benefits you deserve!