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If You Are A Professional, Why You Should Have Attorney Nancy Cavey Prepare Your Initial Application

Doctors, lawyers, accountants and others with advanced degrees purchased a disability policy to protect their income and lifestyle. Disability carriers regularly dispute a policyholder’s occupation (despite what the policy says), pre-disability income, limitations on the ability to perform the material and substantial duties of your occupation, and residual disability.

Consult Nancy Cavey before you stop working or apply for short and long term disability benefits. Have her prepare your initial application, it can make the difference between having your benefits paid or denied.

Passionate Representation

When Nancy was in junior high school, her father was diagnosed with leukemia and, by the time she graduated from high school, her father was no longer able to work. Fortunately, he had purchased a long term disability policy through USF&G.

She remembers how her father, a World War II veteran, made the difficult decision to apply for long term disability benefits. She remembers her parents filling out the Activity of Daily Living forms and taking the Attending Physician forms to her father’s doctors. She remembers her mother and father’s fear that USF&G would stop paying his disability benefits.

Nancy graduated from college in three years with the dream of having her father see her graduate. He died several weeks before she graduated, but he knew that Nancy was going to law school to represent people just like him.

She brings passion, enthusiasm and personal experience in representing you and your family in your disability claim.

A Trusting Relationship

Trust is the foundation of any relationship, and particularly the attorney-client relationship. Nancy had earned the trust of her clients, not only through this website and her books, but with her community involvement in many different disability disease support groups.

From the moment you watch her many videos, call her office or meet her you will see and feel her passion and desire to get you the disability benefits you deserve. She will earn your trust even before you hire her.

It doesn’t stop there. She will keep on earning your trust after you have hired her. You are provided with:

  1. Personalized first-class service throughout your case, including meeting with you, drafting your initial application and forms, drafting your occupational description, reviewing your medical records, identifying potential problems with your application and finalizing and submitting a shock and awe application package to your disability carrier. She follows up with the carrier about your application, supplies any additional information the carrier requests and prepares for and attends any statement the carrier might want from you,
  2. Constant communication about your case, what happens at each stage of the short and long term disability claims process and information about how your insurance company views your disabling medical conditions,
  3. Answers to your questions, concerns and fears,
  4. An informative monthly newsletter.
  5. Her skill and expertise as she shepherds your initial application through the disability carrier review and decision process.

Trust is essential. Nancy Cavey wants your important decision to hire her as your attorney to be the right decision for you. You owe it to yourself and your family to give yourself the best chance for success by being represented by an attorney you trust.

A First Class Award Winning Attorney

Successfully obtaining short and long term disability benefits takes skill, experience and talent. Nancy Cavey has been representing disability applicants for more than 35 years. She has received the highest rating for her legal skills by Martindale Hubbell, AVVO and from other attorneys.


More than anything you want your disability benefits! Ms. Cavey has secured disability benefits at the initial application stage for every one of her clients.

You can learn more about her results on our case results page.

She doesn’t give up. She will get you results or go down fighting. She charges a flat fee or hourly fee to prepare, submit and monitor your initial application through the carrier’s decision. That is guaranteed in writing and will provide you with peace of mind. Even after your initial application is approved and you are paid your benefits, Ms. Cavey stays by your side.

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