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When your doctor told you that you were no longer able to work, you were faced with two difficult questions:

  1. Am I eligible for and should I apply for Social Security disability benefits?
  2. Should I hire a Social Security attorney to help me get my benefits?

Hopefully this website and my book, “Your Rights to Social Security Disability Benefits: Information the Social Security Administration Rarely Tells You About Your Claims,’’ have answered your questions about whether you are eligible for and whether you should apply for Social Security disability benefits.

Let’s answer your next question.

How Much Does an Social Security Disability Lawyer Cost?

Many people are concerned about the attorney fees and costs of hiring a Florida Social Security disability attorney. They are afraid of:

  1. How much money it will cost to hire an expert and skilled Social Security attorney and,
  2. How they will be able to afford the costs of their case.

Every Social Security attorney will represent you in your Social Security disability claim on a contingency fee basis. That means that you won’t pay an attorney fee unless they get you your Social Security disability benefits. That sounds great doesn’t it? Don’t be fooled because there is much to fear!

Nancy L. Cavey’s Method of Protecting You and Your Family

Nancy L Cavey guarantees you in writing that if she doesn’t get you the Social Security disability benefits you deserve, you don’t have to pay her an attorney’s fee.

There is a big difference between Nancy L. Cavey and other Social Security disability attorneys. She advances all the necessary costs of your case, including getting your medical records, paying your doctor a fee to complete the Residual and Functional Capacity forms so necessary to winning your claim, hiring and paying for an independent medical examination, functional capacity evaluation or vocational evaluation. You won’t have to pay any money out-of-pocket until SSA resolves your case. You will have to repay those costs regardless of the outcome. Costs vary from case to case, and we get your approval for expenses like hiring a vocational evaluator or a functional capacity evaluation.

All of this is in plain language in our attorney-client contract, and that guarantee will give you peace of mind. You can get Nancy L. Cavey’s expertise without any upfront money for attorney fees and for costs. She guarantees in writing that if you don’t get your benefits, you pay no attorney fees. It ‘s as simple as that!

Nancy L. Cavey Guarantees You Will Get The Following:

Ms. Cavey knows first-hand the physical, emotional and financial consequences that come with disability and how difficult the Social Security disability claims process can be. That is why she provides and guarantees:

  1. A free copy of her book, ”Your Rights to Social Security Disability Benefits:. Information the Social Security Administration Rarely Tells You About Your Claims.’’ This easy-to-read consumer guide explains the eligibility requirements for Social Security disability benefits, the Social Security claims process and the disability test used by the Social Security Administration in every claim. How many Social Security disability attorneys do you know who have written a go-to consumer book on Social Security Disability benefits?
  2. A free and confidential legal consultation. This free consultation will include an assessment of your personal situation, a determination of your eligibility for benefits and what steps need to be taken to get you the disability benefits you deserve. You are under no obligation to hire Ms. Cavey to represent you.
  3. We come to you. Ms. Cavey represents Social Security applicants all over Florida, and there are times you just can’t come to her office. We provide consultations over the phone, over the Internet and via Skype.
  4. No up-front costs. There are no up-front costs or fees to get your Social Security claim filed or to appeal a claims denial.
  5. No attorney fee unless you get your Social Security Disability benefits. It is simple. If Ms. Cavey doesn’t get you your Social Security disability benefits, you don’t owe her an attorney fee.

Her fee is paid on an hourly basis or percentage basis at the Initial Application or Reconsideration stage and must be approved by the Social Security Administration (SSA). Any fee paid on a percentage basis is paid from your back benefits and is limited to 25% of the amount of those back benefits or $6,000, whichever is the smaller amount. The amount of this contingency fee is determined by SSA. The fee terms are clearly spelled out in her attorney fee agreement with you.

We advance costs.

Ms. Cavey will pay, out of her pocket, all costs she determines are necessary to pursue your claim. This can include getting your medical records, paying to have your doctor give a statement or fill out a Residual Functional Capacity form, having an independent medical evaluation or functional capacity evaluation or hiring a vocational rehabilitation counselor.

Nancy Cavey’s Client Bill Of Rights

There isn’t another Social Security Disability law firm that offers a Client Bill of Rights. Your rights include the:

  1. Right to an attorney-client privilege;
  2. Right to have your legal rights and options explained to you in plain English without legal mumbo jumbo;
  3. Right to talk with Nancy L. Cavey within a reasonable period of time;
  4. Right to expect legal excellence from my firm and all who work there;
  5. Right to know the truth about your case;
  6. Right to be updated regularly and in a timely manner about your case;
  7. Right to a fair guaranteed written contract with my firm; and
  8. Right to make the ultimate decision in your case.

What You Should Do Next

Nancy Cavey knows firsthand what it is like to deal with the Social Security Administration and the personal cost of disability. You will be treated with respect and given the best client care in the Social Security business. See what our clients have to say about us by watching our testimonial videos.

You can get all your questions answered and an explanation of your rights to Social Security disability by calling us at 727-894-3188.