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The Law Office of Nancy L. Cavey is a Tampa Bay St Petersburg located disability law firm specializing in the area of disability law. We pride ourselves on helping those who cannot help themselves with their disability. We serve Long Term Disability clients Nationwide as well as Social Security Disability clients Florida wide.

Attorney Nancy L. Cavey has a history of helping the disabled win the disability benefits they deserve in the Tampa Bay area as well as all over the state of Florida. We have the experience you would expect in your disability claim attorney. Our office staff is always available to discuss your claim, along with any other questions you may have.

Our Personal Guarantee

I have no knowledge about the facts of your case. While there is a crystal ball on my desk, there is no way I can make a guarantee about the outcome of your case. I will, however, guarantee you that I will invest our time, resources, and abilities in your case. That is our commitment to you.

I will strive to do everything we can do to assist you in avoiding the pitfalls of the Social Security system in order to allow you to secure your disability benefits. The Social Security Disability claims process can be draining, both emotionally and intellectually, and I fully understand what you may be going through. But once we meet, and you have had your questions answered, you will likely begin sleeping better, because you’ll be armed with the knowledge that we are on the job working in your best interest!

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