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How Long Does It Take To Get A Hearing? > How Long Does It Take To Get A Hearing?

It can feel like forever waiting to get a hearing date from The Office of Disability Adjudication and Review (ODAR); 16 to 18 months is a long time to wait for a 45-minute hearing that will decide your financial and medical future.

The Typical Waiting Period

Your Request For Hearing is sent to ODAR and placed in line for a hearing. As your claim moves closer to a hearing, an ODAR employee will organize your file into sections, including one with your work history, earnings records, and medical records.

Your medical records have not been updated since the Request For Reconsideration was filed, so they probably are out of date. Several months before the hearing is set, we will be given access to review and copy your file.

We closely review your file and determine what medical records need to be updated, what medical records need to be obtained from your doctors and what forms we need your doctors to fill out.

Once we know when your hearing date has been set, we schedule an appointment with Ms. Cavey so she can prepare you for your big day.

What You Should Do While Waiting For A Hearing

You should:

  1. Continue to get medical care;
  2. Tell your medical providers about your symptoms and how they limit your ability to function every day;
  3. Tell your medical providers any side effects you are having with your medication.

The Administrative Law Judge is looking for consistency in your medical records and for consistency in what you said on all those forms months ago and what is in your medical records.

It is important that at each visit your medical records document your symptoms and how they impact your daily activities. Don’t exaggerate. Simply tell your medical providers what problems you have lifting, standing, sitting, walking, bending, stooping and reaching. At the grocery store, for example, you might have to hold onto the cart to be able to walk the aisles; you might not be able to lift a gallon of milk into your cart.

It’s Hard Waiting for Your Hearing To Be Set

Waiting for a life-changing hearing is hard, especially when you are struggling financially. I know what it is like, as I watched my parents go through the Social Security disability claims process when my father was diagnosed with leukemia.

Remember, the statistics show that if you fight for your Social Security Disability benefits at the Request for Hearing stage, you have a 66% chance you’ll get them. Those are winning odds!

Never, Never Give Up!

Patience is required. If you are denied, it’s time to get help from Social Security Attorney Nancy L. Cavey, who can help you get the Social Security disability benefits you deserve.

If you get a Notice of Denial of your Request For Reconsideration, call Nancy L. Cavey for a free, no-obligation consultation to learn how you can get your benefits. She doesn’t get paid an attorney fee unless she wins your case. The Social Security Administration decides how much she gets in attorney fees, which are paid out of the past due benefits you are awarded.

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