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Why Was My Request For Reconsideration Denied? > Why Was My Request For Reconsideration Denied?

I am sorry your Request For Reconsideration for Social Security Disability benefits was denied. Now that you have been denied twice, you might be tempted to give up.

Don’t: The odds tilt in your favor if you fight for your Social Security Disability benefits at the Hearing stage: More than 66% of claims are awarded at the this stage.

Why Did My Request for Reconsideration Get Denied?

Clues about why your claim was denied are found in the Denial letter:

  1. You did not work enough quarters of coverage to be insured;
  2. Your medical condition is not “severe;”
  3. You can return to the lightest job you held in the 15 years before you applied;
  4. There is other work in the national economy you can do based on your age, education, skills and physical or mental restrictions.

Practically speaking, the real reason(s) your Request For Reconsideration was denied can be because:

  • Your wages were not correctly reported so you didn’t get credit for the work;
  • You didn’t give an accurate description of what your jobs required you to do, so SSA misclassified the physical and mental requirements of your jobs;
  • You didn’t give an accurate history of your education;
  • You didn’t see the doctor at least twice before you applied, so the doctor’s opinion as a treating source could be accepted;
  • You didn’t see the doctor long enough to prove that your medical condition is severe and disabling;
  • You didn’t explain to your doctor at each visit your symptoms and how those symptoms impact your ability to function every day;
  • Your doctor did not document your symptoms, disability and work restrictions in your medical records;
  • Your level of pain was not documented in your medical records or the forms you filled out for Social Security;
  • You did not list all the medical providers you have seen because you didn’t think the medical condition was disabling;
  • SSA didn’t consider each of your medical conditions individually;
  • SSA didn’t consider the disabling effect caused by a combination of your medical conditions;
  • SSA decided that your credibility was at issue.

How We Can Help You Get Your Social Security Disability Benefits

It is time to call Social Security Disability Attorney Nancy L. Cavey so you can  appeal the denial of your Request for Reconsideration in time. Don’t delay! You only have 60 days to file for a Hearing or you have to start over. Worse, delay can result in losing your right to claim benefits forever.

Ms. Cavey can help you through every stage of the Social Security Disability Appeals process so you get the disability benefits you deserve.

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