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What You Must Do Before You Stop Working > What You Must Do Before You Stop Working

Before you stop working or apply for benefits, get a copy of your disability policy and read it cover to cover. There are many traps in disability policies and limitations on coverages that you must understand before your stop working or apply for benefits.

In my book, “Everything You Need to Know About Your Long Term Disability Claim: Important Information on Long Term Disability Insurance Policies, The Claims Process, and How To Win Your Long Term Disability Benefits,” I explain the policy terms you don’t want to see in your policy and the traps waiting for you.

These policy terms can include:

  1. The insurance company has the “discretion” to determine your benefits.
  2. You only get benefits if you cannot perform “each and every” important duty of your job.
  3. Your benefits will be terminated if the insurance company says you can work part-time in any job, regardless of your ability to find such a job.

The traps can include:

1, Choosing the wrong date of disability.

  1. Not knowing what is in your doctor’s records before making your claim.
  2. Using insurance company forms alone to document your claim.

These are but a few of the many policy terms and traps you need to be aware of.


How We Can Help

The disability application, claims process and appeals process is long, complicated and full of red tape. It is easy to make a mistake that can jeopardize your benefits. ERISA/ID disability attorney Nancy L. Cavey can help you complete your Initial Application and avoid costly mistakes that could jeopardize your benefits.

If your doctor has told you that you can’t work anymore, it is time to file a claim on your policy for your disability benefits. Contact Nancy L. Cavey today to learn about your policy, the limitations on your coverage and the traps the carrier has waiting for you in the initial claims process

Ms. Cavey offers a free, no obligation 30-minute review of your policy and opportunity for you to get your questions answered. If you hire her to complete your initial application and deal with the disability carrier through the application process, she will work on either an hourly or flat-fee basis.