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Legal Representation While You Are Getting Your Monthly Disability Benefits (Post Benefit Award Representation Process)

When Ms. Cavey was a teenager her father, who worked for the family insurance business, became disabled as a result of leukemia.   He applied for and was granted his disability benefits by USF&G. She remembers all too well her parent’s fear each month that his physicians would not support his continued disability or that USF&G would stop paying his benefits.

The truth about disability insurance companies is that once you are being paid disability benefits the battle doesn’t stop. Why? The insurance company has a contractual right to reevaluate your entitlement to benefits every month! They can deny your continued payment of benefits at any time and for any reason.

That was exactly what Ms. Cavey’s parents were afraid would happen each month.

What You Must Do By The Terms of Your Policy

Your disability policy requires that you cooperate with the carrier. That means you have to submit monthly forms to the carrier and make sure that your doctor is accurately and completely filling out Attending Physician Statements (APS). Don’t give the carrier a reason to deny your benefits.

Why You Must Have A Strategy For Dealing With The Carrier’s Monthly Monitoring

Congratulations! Your monthly benefits have been approved. But, what happens next? Your disability carrier will monitor your claim to make sure you still qualify for benefits. Learn the red flags that will make the carrier take a closer look and what should do to continue to receive your benefits.

When Disability Carriers Take An Even Closer Look At Your Claim

Disability carriers will take an even closer look at your claim when the definition of disability changes from own occupation to any occupation, when you are awarded Social Security Disability benefits, and at high dollar claims. Being prepared for that closer look can help you continue to get the disability benefits you deserve.

Why You Need Legal Representation While You Are Getting Your Monthly Disability Benefits

Obtaining or continuing to have legal representation while you are getting your monthly disability benefits can be the key to keeping your benefits.  Learn why you need representation so you aren’t caught short by the games disability carrier’s play with disability benefits.