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The Social Security Disability Application Process > The Social Security Disability Application Process

All too often Social Security disability applicants mistakenly believe they don’t qualify for Social Security benefits or are overwhelmed by the Initial Application process. Don’t be among those who walk away from monthly financial security and access to medical care! Our Florida social security disability attorney has answers to your questions. These pages will answer the following questions:

Who Qualifies For Social Security Disability Benefits?

Are you under full retirement age, disabled and have earned enough quarters of coverage from work covered under the Social Security system? Learn whether you qualify for benefits.

What Type of Social Security Benefits Should I Apply For?

You may be eligible for Social Security Disability or for Supplemental Security Income benefits. Learn more about each program and which type of benefit you should apply for.

How Do I Apply?

There are three ways to file your Initial Claim for Social Security Disability Benefits. Learn the pros and cons of each.

When Should I Apply?

If you no longer are able to work or your physician has told you to stop working, it is time to apply for benefits. Learn how delay can cost you money.

What Information Do I Need to File a Claim?

The Social Security claims process is all about paperwork. Learn what information you need to file a claim and how to submit it.

How Does the Social Security Administration (SSA) Decide My Claim?

SSA uses a Five-Step Sequential Evaluation process in every Social Security disability case. Learn how SSA decides if you are entitled to your benefits.

How Long Does It Take?

It can seem like forever waiting on a decision. Learn what happens after you file your Initial Application and how long it takes to get a decision.

What Benefits Do I Get if I Am Found Disabled?

Monthly benefits and access to medical care are at stake. Learn how much in monthly benefits you are entitled to and your eligibility for medical care.

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