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The Disability Insurance Claim Survival Guide For Professionals

Disability policies contain sophisticated language that even CEO’s, CFO’s, stock brokers, bond brokers, treasury brokers, accountants, and even lawyers don’t understand. That’s why Nancy Cavey has written “The Disability Insurance Claims Survival Guide For Professionals”. Before you stop working, and apply for benefits or appeal a wrongful denial of your disability insurance benefits, you owe it to yourself to get my free book (a $19.99 value on Amazon) and schedule a free consultation review of your policy.

``This book gives concise information about what's ahead if you ever have to file a claim for disability payments from the company you paid premiums to for many years in most cases. They cash your premium checks quick and easily, but come time for you to need the disability payments agreed to you when you become disabled, it's like pulling teeth to get your benefits! First of all, you don't feel like dealing with the insurance company trying to wear you down. At a time when you are vulnerable, the insurance company begins to ask for everything but your first born! Having an attorney who knows how to navigate through the process takes the pressure off while you figure out how to live without income for up to a year, as I did. Nancy Cavey's expert advice and knowledge is invaluable in the process of applying for and receiving the benefits you deserve! I wish I had read this book early in my disability, and hired Nancy even sooner than I did. A must read for any professional having early signs of possible disability!``

Michael C. Grant


Nancy explains every aspect of disability insurance in clear, concise and simple language, so you’ll know everything about the type of disability coverages and claims and appeals procedures and the procedures for making a claim for Long Term Disability. Nancy’s book should be required reading for any injury client with a long-term disability as well as the lawyers who represent them and the doctors who treat them. I know I will give Nancy’s book to our law firm’s clients with permanent disabilities.

John Fisher

Attorney At Law

What Every Doctor, Lawyer, and Other Professional Needs to Know About How To File and Collect Their Disability Insurance Benefits

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