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The Disability Lawyer you choose to represent you can mean the difference between you getting a fair disability settlement or no disability settlement at all! At The Law Offices of Nancy L. Cavey, we get you the results you deserve.

The Law Offices of Nancy L. Cavey has served thousands of claimants over the years, many of whom may suffer from the same diseases and disorders you do. Using our specialized and in-depth understanding of disability law we have obtained compensation in benefits for our disabled clients. As proof that our attorneys could help you increase the chances of winning your Social Security Disability, Long Term Disability, Florida Disability, and or other types of disability claims, we’ve posted actual decisions on our site, but as of earlier in 2010, the Florida Bar has regulated us from showing these results on our webpage to sway your opinion about us.

We know that having the right attorney client relationship is key to winning your disability benefits. We have helped thousands receive the disability benefits they deserved. You may want to view some of these case results, and we can send them to you, but you have to request to see them!

Case Results by Insurance Carrier

If you are someone you know needs help with a Insurance Carrier Issue or Disability Claim, you have came to the right place. The Law Offices of Nancy L. Cavey have extensive experience in dealing with claims dealing with various insurance companies like UNUM, Provident, MetLife, and many others in the state of Florida involving injuries including spinal cord injuries, fibromyalgia, and other diseases as well.

Simply click on the company link below to find out more information about them and what we can do to offer you guidance in your time of need with a disability claim with one of these companies.

Sun Life Insurance Company:

  • Representing SunLife Insurance Company Policy Holders and Claims Denied Cases
    Description: As a nationwide disability insurance attorney, Nancy Cavey, often receives calls or inquiries from SunLife disability policyholders. SunLife disability insurance attorney Nancy Cavey represents SunLife disability policyholders whose disability claims have been delayed, disputed, denied or terminated by SunLife. She can be contacted at 727-894-3188.

Standard Insurance Company:

  • Representing Standard Disability Insurance Policy Holders
    Description: Nancy Cavey, Standard Disability insurance lawyer represents Standard Disability income policyholders whose claims for short term and long-term disability benefits have been delayed, disputed, denied and even terminated. You can reach Nancy Cavey, representing Standard Disability insurance policyholders by calling 727-894-3188.

Prudential Insurance Company:

  • Representing Prudential Life Insurance Disability Insurance Policy Holders
    Description: Attorney Nancy Cavey practices disability insurance law throughout the United States, she receives many Prudential Disability Insurance inquires about the disability insurance claims process. Nancy Cavey represents Prudential disability insurance policy holders who have submitted disability claims which have been either delayed, disputed, or denied. If you are a Prudential Disability Insurance policyholder in need of assistance, contact Prudential Disability Insurance attorney Nancy Cavey.

Northwestern Mutual Insurance Company:

  • We Represent Northwestern Mutual Disability Policy Holders
    Description: Nancy Cavey provides disability income legal services to Northwestern Mutual insurance policy holders throughout the United States. If you are a small business owner or professional who is no longer able to work, consult a Northwestern Mutual disability insurance policy holder attorney like Nancy Cavey for assistance in determining the right date of your disability and the preplanning of disability income benefits while you are unable to work. If your Northwestern Mutual disability income or disability overhead insurance coverage has been delayed disputed or denied contact a Northwestern Mutual Insurance disability policy holder attorney like Nancy Cavey. We DO NOT represent Northwestern Mutual and we never will, but if you have a claim against Northwestern Mutual about your disability policy, contact us today.

New York Life Insurance Company:

  • Representing New York Life Disability Insurance Policy Holders
    Description: New York Life Disability Insurance Company disability attorney Nancy Cavey knows you need help when you file a claim for disability against a insurance company. Nancy Cavey represents New York Life disability policies holders in evaluating their disability policy and assisting them in filing a claim with New York Life when they become disabled

Monarch Insurance Company:

  • Representing Monarch Life Insurance Claims and Policyholders
    Description: It is no surprise that Nancy Cavey, leading provider of Long Term Disability legal services in the United States, is contacted by Monarch disability insurance policyholders. If you have questions regarding Monarch Disability Company’s financial status or are considering filing a disability claim, contact Monarch Disability Insurance Company attorney Nancy Cavey. If your Monarch disability claim has been delayed, disputed, denied or terminated, contact Nancy Cavey

Met Life Insurance Company:

  • Denied Met Life Disability Claims and Cherry Picking Medical Records
    Description: St. Petersburg | Florida Denied Disability Attorney Nancy Cavey talks about MetLife Insurance Company and how they “cherry pick”. If your MetLife plan for Long Term Disability benefits has been denied based on cherry picking of your medical records contact MetLife denied disability attorney Nancy Cavey.

Mass Mutual Insurance Company:

  • Representing Mass Mutual Financial Group Disability Claims in Florida
    Description: If you are a Mass Mutual disability income insurance policy holder who has questions about the disability income insurance, whether you have enough coverage or how to make a disability insurance claim, contact Mass Mutual disability attorney Nancy Cavey. Nancy Cavey represent Mass Mutual disability policy holders whose Mass Mutual claims have been delayed, denied, disputed or even terminated.

Lincoln Financial Insurance Company:

Jefferson Pilot Insurance Company:

  • Representing Jefferson Pilot Disability Insurance Policy Holders
    Description: The Law Offices of Nancy L. Cavey represent Jefferson Pilot Disability Insurance Policy Holders in claims denial cases throughout Florida | Tampa Bay | St. Petersburg. If you are a Jefferson Pilot disability policy holder who is thinking about submitting a claim for disability benefits or whose Jefferson Pilot disability claim has been delayed, denied, disputed or even terminated contact us.

ING Insurance Company:

  • Representing ING Disability Claims and Policy Holders in Florida
    Description: Nancy Cavey represents ING policyholders whose ING disability claims have been delayed, denied, disputed or even terminated. ING disability lawyer, Nancy Cavey, can help you deal with the “collaboration” which is designed to deny you the rightful disability benefits that you are entitled to.

Hartford Insurance Company:

  • Representing Hartford Group Insurance Disability Policyholders | Claims Denied
    Description: Nancy Cavey represents Harford Group policyholders such as doctors, lawyers and business lawyers who become disabled and unable to work. It is important before you even stop working to consult Nancy Cavey so that you can be assured that you have picked the right date of being disabled, that you have your financial house in order and that your doctors support your claim for disability benefits. Don’t stop working only to learn that your Hartford group disability income benefits and business overhead plan coverage is going to be delayed, denied, disputed or even terminated. Hartford group overhead plan disability attorney, Nancy Cavey, can be contacted at 727-894-3188.

CIGNA Insurance Company:

  • Representing CIGNA Disability Insurance Policyholders
    Description: To this day, it is not uncommon of Long Term Disability carriers to also target high earning disability policyholders such as doctors, lawyers, architects and accountants. If you are a CIGNA policy holder whose claim for HIV/HEPC, HIV/AIDS, Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue have been delayed or denied, contact attorney Nancy Cavey for assistance and representation in a CIGNA termination of your disability benefits. She can be reached at 727-894-3188.

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