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Why You Should Have Attorney Nancy Cavey Represent You In Your Insurance Disability Claim If You Are A Professional > Why You Should Have Attorney Nancy Cavey Represent You In Your Insurance Disability Claim If You Are A Professional

Why You Should Have Attorney Nancy Cavey Represent You In Your Insurance Disability Claim If You Are A Doctor, Dentist, Pharmacist, Chiropractor, Lawyers, Accountant, Business Owners, Or Executive

You purchased a disability policy and maybe even a business overhead policy to protect your income and lifestyle in the unlikely event that you became partially or totally disabled. Most likely you forgot about the policy. But, now that you are having physical or maybe psychological problems that are interfering with your ability to work, it’s time to get out your policy.

Before you talk with disability carrier, apply for benefits, stop working or sell your practice, you should:

  1. Order a no obligation copy of ERISA and Private/ID Disability Attorney Nancy L. Cavey’s book “Robbed of Your Peace of Mind? Important Information Long Term Disability Policies, the Claims Process, and How to Win Your Long Term Disability Benefits.”
  2. Order a no obligation copy of her book “Hiring a
  3. Schedule a complimentary 30 minute consultation with Attorney Cavey.

Disability carriers are in the business of collecting premiums and investing that premium so they can make money. Lots of money!

They are not in the business of paying benefits regardless of what the disability policy says, how disabled you are or how smart you think you are about the disability insurance process.

Of all the occupations, disability claims by doctors, dentists, pharmacists, chiropractors, lawyers, accountants, business owners and executives undergo the highest level of scrutiny by disability carriers.

What Are The Common Problems You’ll Face?

  1. What is your occupation?

Yes, we know what the policy says but it is not uncommon for carriers to use the Dictionary of Occupational Titles to determine what your occupation was at the time you became disabled or to use billing records to determine what your occupational duties were at the time you became disabled.

  1. What was the date you became disabled?

You may have just purchased your policy and haven’t been insured long enough to be covered or gotten treatment during an exclusionary period so your condition is excluded as a pre-existing condition. Alternatively, you may have become disabled over-time and seen your income decline. Anyone of these scenarios might impact picking the right time to become disabled.

  1. What is your before monthly income number?

Many policies will allow your disability carrier to subtract Social Security disability you or your dependent children receive, 401K benefits, workers’ compensation benefits or even a settlement from an auto injury from your benefits. Do you really know how much you’ll get from your disability carrier each month?

  1. Do you have a residual or total disability claim or both and when where your eligible for either?

You may have continued to work despite your disability and seen your income go down until you finally stopped working. Do you know if you have a residual claim and when? When did you total disability start even though you continued to work? It is all about the math!

  1. What is the condition that causes you to be disabled? Is a pre-existing condition which is excluded from coverage?

Many policies will have a pre-existing clause in the policy that prohibits you from getting treatment in a certain period before the policy went into effect. Will your claim be denied because of a pre-existing clause limitation?

  1. Are there limits on how long you are entitled to benefits for that condition?

Disability policies can limit how long they will pay for mental nervous conditions or even self-reported conditions that could include fibromyalgia, migraines and even pain. It is crucial to know if there are any limits on how long you might be entitled to benefits for your disabling condition.

  1. How long are you entitled to benefits?

Does your policy pay lifetime benefits if you become disabled before a certain age or will the policy pay to age 65? Are there limits on how long you can collect for certain disabling conditions?  Don’t be surprised to discover only after you have stopped working that you have limited benefits.

  1. What does your medical records say about your disabling condition and does your physician support your claim?

You would be stunned to see what is in your medical records and what isn’t in your records. Worse yet, if your doctor doesn’t support your claim, you just might have to find another physician and treat with them for a period of time before you file your claim. If your doctor doesn’t support your claim, neither will the insurance company physicians. Don’t find out too late!

  1. What financial records do you have that support your claim?

Do you know how your carrier determines the amount of your benefits, calculates residual benefits or uses your billing records to determine the material and substantial duties of your occupation? The key to these answers is found in your policy and your financial records.

  1. Are there any skelton’s in your closet that will make the carrier doubt you are disabled?

The disability carrier will do a background check on you. If you have disciplinary problems or other legal problems, they’ll have to be dealt with in your disability claim.

  1. Are you going to sell your practice? When?

It is always preferable to have a slow exit from your practice with your ongoing complaints and problems documented in your medical records than selling your practice and then deciding to sell your practice. Coordination of your claim for disability benefits and the sale of your practice is crucial!

  1. Do you have business overhead insurance? What does it cover?

Closing or selling your practice should also be coordinated with a claim for business overhead insurance, if you have such a policy, to help you deal with the expenses of winding up your practice.

You Need Help!

These are just a few of the issues that must be addressed before you pick a date to be disabled, sell or close your practice and file a claim for disability and/or business overhead insurance. It takes planning and coordination to get it all right! Don’t make simple mistakes that can cost you a lifetime of financial pain.

Why You Should Have Attorney Nancy Cavey Represent You In Your Disability Claim If You Are A Professional

Doctors, lawyers, accountants and others with advanced degrees purchased a disability policy to protect their income and lifestyle. Disability carriers regularly dispute a policy holder’s occupation (despite what the policy says), pre-disability income, limitations on the ability to perform the material and substantial duties of your occupation, and residual disability.

They will even question your continued disability once they have begun monthly payments and ask you to prove each month that you are still entitled to benefits.

Consulting with Nancy Cavey at all stages of a disability claim can make the difference between having your benefits paid or denied.

Passionate Representation

When Nancy was in junior high school, her father was diagnosed with leukemia and, by the time she graduated from high school, her father was no longer able to work. Fortunately, he had purchased a long term disability policy through USF&G.

She remembers how her father, a World War II veteran, made the difficult decision to apply for long term disability benefits. Worse yet, she remembers her parents filing out the Activity of Daily Living forms and taking the Attending Physician forms to her father’s doctors and their fear that USF&G would stop paying his disability benefits.

Nancy graduated from college in 3 years with the dream of having her father see her graduate. Unfortunately, he died several weeks before she graduated but he knew that Nancy was going to law school to represent people just like him.

She brings passion, enthusiasm and personal experience in representing you and your family in your Social Security disability claim.

A Trusting Relationship

Trust is the foundation of any relationship and particularly the attorney-client relationship. Nancy had earned the trust of her clients, not only through this website and her books, but with her community involvement in many different disability disease support groups.

From the moment you watch her many videos, call her office or meet her you will see and feel her passion and desire to get you the disability benefits you deserve. She will earn your trust even before you hire her.

It doesn’t stop there! Nancy will keep on earning your trust even after you have hired you. You are provided with:

  1. Personalized first-class service throughout your case, including meeting with you, drafting your initial application and forms, drafting your occupational description, reviewing your medical records, identifying potential problems with your application and finalizing and submitting a shock and awe application package to your disability carrier. Nancy follows up with the carrier about your application, supplies any additional information the carrier requests and even prepares and attends any statement the carrier might want from you,
  2. A shock and awe appeal if your claim is denied or your benefits discontinued,
  3. An expert disability attorney who isn’t afraid to sue, if necessary, to get your benefits,
  4. A top-notched negotiator who will help you get top dollar for your disability benefits as part of a policy buy-out,
  5. The skill and expertise of Nancy and her disability team as she shepherds you through your disability claim from beginning to end.
  6. Constant communication about your case, what happens at each stage of the short and long term disability claims process and information about how your insurance company views your disabling medical conditions,
  7. Answers to your questions, concerns and fears,
  8. An informative monthly newsletter.

Trust is key to any attorney client relationship. Nancy wants your decision to hire her as your attorney to be the right decision for you. You owe it to yourself and your family to give yourself the best chance for success by being represented by an attorney you trust.

A First Class Award Winning Attorney

Successfully obtaining short and long term disability benefits takes skill, experience and talent. Nancy has been representing disability applicants for over 35 years. She has received the highest rating for her legal skills from Martindale Hubbell, AVVO and from other attorneys.


More than anything you want your disability benefits! Ms. Cavey has secured disability benefits at the initial application stage for every one of her clients.

You can learn more about her results on our case results and testimonial page.

Nancy has flexible rates. She can charges a flat fee or hourly fee to prepare, submit and monitor an initial application through the carrier’s decision. T

If your claim has been wrongfully denied, Nancy can handle the appeal or trial on a flat fee, hourly fee or contingency fee basis. Her fee is guaranteed in writing and will provide you with peace of mind. And better yet,

Nancy is by your side from beginning to end.

So, What Are You Waiting For?              

Call now for your free, no obligation, consultation with experienced, passionate and results driven short and long term disability Attorney Nancy L. Cavey at 727-894-3188.

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