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If I am On Active Military Duty or a Recently Discharged Veteran, Will That Make a Difference in My Social Security Claim?

Yes! If you are filing for disability benefits let the Social Security Administration know that you are on active military duty of that you have recently been discharged and the Social Security Administration will handle your claim more quickly. However, be aware that if you are getting non-service connected VA disability benefits; your Social Security benefits can be reduced. You can have both VA service connected disability and Social Security Disability benefits!...

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Has Your Claim for Fibromyalgia Been Denied Because of a Lack of Proper Diagnosis?

Has your Fibromyalgia Disability claim been denied because the Long Term Disability carrier says that there hasn’t been a “proper diagnosis” of your condition? Unfortunately there are “no blood tests or x-rays that can detect Fibromyalgia and this makes the condition hard to diagnose.” If so, you need to immediately contact Fibromyalgia disability benefits attorney Nancy Cavey who can be reached at 727-894-3188....

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