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Your Chronic Pain is Real – Your Brain Has Been Re-Wired

Many American's are disabled by chronic pain but pain can't be seen like a broken pain. It can be hard to prove a claim for Social Security Disability benefits or long term/ERISA disability without objective medical evidence. This article explain how chronic pain can lead to a rewiring of your brain. This is objective evidence that your pain is real and disabling. Contact Cavey and Barrett for assistance in chronic pain disability cases....

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Social Security Disability Hearing Delays in Tampa Bay and Propsed Legislation to Speed Up Your Hearing

It takes over 2 years to get a hearing on your Social Security Disability claim in the Tampa Bay area. Representative Kathy Castor has introduced a bill that would put the Social Security Administration under the gun to have a hearing on your Social Security Disability claim within 75 days. Benefits delayed are truly benefits denied! Read The St. Petersburg Times article below. For help on your SSDI claim contact Tampa Bay Social Security Disability attorney's Nancy Cavey and Sharon Barrett at 727-894-3188....

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Social Security Wants to Kick Amputee Off Social Security Disability

Tampa resident Todd Cohen, who had his right leg amputated because of cancer, has gotten notice that his Social Security Disability benefits will be stopped in October because "his condition has improved." He has a hearing before a Social Security Judge to learn if he still qualifies for Social Security disability benefits. He should have an experienced Tampa Bay Social Security disability lawyer....

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