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What is Past Relevant Work in A Social Security Disability Claim?

Past relevant work and your Social Security Disability claim. Past relevant work is a term of art in the Social Security Disability world. What it means is that the work that you have done for the fifteen years prior to your application. If you can return to the lightest job you have held in the last fifteen years, your Social Security Disability claim will be denied! See how easily you can screw up your Social Security Disability application. You can make many mistakes in the initial Social Security Disability application but one of the most crucial involves your responses to questions...

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Best Social Security Disability Advocates in The Tampa Bay Area

There are many disability advocates and representative throughout the United States, but some have labeled themselves “Best Social Security Disability advocates” like Binder and Binder. Did you know however, that many Social Security Disability attorneys are not legally allowed to make that post because Bar Associations prevent them from describing themselves as “the best” or “aggressive” or even give statistics about their winning numbers. Companies like Binder and Binder, are Social Security Disability representatives, they are not attorneys! They are allowed to say whatever they want to say about their skills and abilities and aren’t subject to regulation like Social...

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If You Do Not Understand What is Going to Happen During Your Social Security Disability Medical Exam, You’ll Hate Yourself Later When Your Social Security Disability Claim is Denied

The Social Security Administration may ask you to go for what is called a “consultative exam” to determine whether or not your medical condition effects your ability to work. If you don’t understand what is going to happen during the Social Security Disability medical exam, you may make crucial mistakes. Here are five tips on what you should expect at your Social Security Disability medical exam: 1. The physician who performs the Social Security Disability medical exam is paid by the Social Security Administration. That physician is supposed to be an independent physician, but unfortunately, it is not uncommon to see the same...

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Do You Know What Clues the Social Security Administration Left in the Notice of Denial Letter you Have Just Received?

Your physician told you that you are unable to work and you applied for Social Security Disability benefits thinking that, in your heart of hearts, the Social Security Administration would know that you are unable to work and grant you your benefits. Just imagine how you feel standing at the mailbox with a “Notice of Decision Letter” denying your claim for Social Security Disability benefits. Did you know that there are clues in that decision letter that will tell you why your claim was denied? Sharon Barrett, an experienced Social Security Disability attorney and former staff attorney in Tampa, knows what...

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Social Security Disability Benefits and Bone Cancer – Know Your Rights

Did you know that each year more than 2,000 people are diagnosed with bone cancer? Bone cancer begins in your bones and unfortunately can spread. One of the most common symptoms of bone cancer includes pain, unintended weight loss, fever and chills,  night sweats, fatigue, weakened bones that may lead to fractures.   A recent example of these symptoms is a golfer that was golfing and in the middle of his swing, his forearm broke. Diagnostic studies showed that he had bone cancer, which led to his fracture. Fortunately, he was able to receive treatment and is on the road to recovery. If...

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The Social Security Administration Doesn’t Want You To know About Getting a Social Security Disability Attorney

In a shocking new report entitled disability impairments on cases most frequently denied by the Disability Determination Services and subsequently allowed by the Administrative Law Judges #a-027-09-19083 (August 2010), revealed shocking news about the impact of having attorney representation and how that improves your chance of getting Social Security Disability benefits. For example, this study shows that disorders of the back, osteoarthritis, diabetes and disorders of the muscles and ligaments are the four most common denied claims at the initial claims stage and the request for reconsideration. This report shows that 91-94% of these claims were allowed were represented at...

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Understanding Your Doctors Response to Your Ability to Work in Your Social Security Disability Claim

Your treating doctor is never going to be asked whether or not you are able to work or not. The Social Security Administration doesn’t consider your doctor’s opinion one way or the other. What the Social Security Administration wants to know is your functional limitations. In other words, how much can you lift, how long can you stand, walk, or sit, unless or alternate positions with standing, sitting, walking? The key to winning a Social Security Disability case is establishing that your functional limitations are less than sedentary. Therefore, want counts in your medical records is your doctors opinions about your...

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When will you be eligible for Medicare?

Question: When will you be eligible for Medicare? Answer: If you receive Social Security Disability benefits you will get Medicare Part A and B after being on Social Security Disability benefits for 24 months. Social Security will automatically put you on Medicare and you should get a letter about that three months before your Medicare coverage starts. ...

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Make Sure Your Buyout Offer Doesn’t Destroy Your Long Term Disability Claim

Employers, in these difficult times, are offering their employees buy out packages. If you are applying for long term disability benefits, or your long term disability benefit claim has been denied, you should carefully read any buy out offer. Why? In the fine print there might be a clause that says that you are giving up any “ERISA claims”, that’s code word for short or long term disability claims. You will have to negotiate with your employer to exclude any ERISA claims from any buy out. It is important that you adamant about that particularly if you have a short or...

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Social Security Disability Benefits and Filing Your Income Tax Return

If you are receiving Social Security Disability benefits. Those benefits might be taxable, the first step in determining if your Social Security Disability benefits are taxable is to determine your “provisional income”. Provisional income is defined as the sum of any gross income earned, taxes on interest and one half of your Social Security Disability benefits. Yes, this is a math test. If you provisional income is greater than $25,000 for a single tax payer or $32,000 for a married tax flier jointly then up to 50% of the Social Security benefits are taxable. In other words, one half of your Social...

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