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What Does The Term “Disability” Mean In My Disability?

what does disability mean

There is no uniform definition of disability. You have to get your policy and review it closely. Disability is one of the most litigated policy terms because when you file a claim for disability, the insurer has to determine if you’re disabled based on the definition of disability within the policy.What are all the Various Types of Disability Policies? There are “Own Occupation” disability policies which will pay a policy holder if they’re unable to engage in his or her own occupation.Other policies are known as “Any Occupation” policies that pay if you’re unable to engage in any occupation but you’re...

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NOSSCR Commentary Article About SSDI Misconceptions

In a recent commentary article by NOSSCR, found here: shows some misconceptions that the media may put out about SSDI. What are your thoughts about the article and the real truth behind it?Do you need help with your SSDI or have a question? SSDI Attorney Nancy Cavey has been practicing disability law for over 30 years. Give us a call today 727-894-3188....

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Choosing the Right Law Firm to Fight for Your Social Security and Long Term Disability Benefits

 Did you know that most long term disability policies have a Social Security Disability offset provision? A long term disability insurance company will force you to apply for Social Security Disability benefits and, if you don’t, they will take the position that they are entitled to the offset anyway! Many times the long term disability insurance company will offer you Social Security Disability representation. That’s bad news for several reasons:1. You have the choice of your attorney;2. The Social Security representative recommended by the long term disability carrier may not even be an attorney;3. Many of these companies will develop...

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Have You Been Robbed of Your Peace of Mind by Your Long Term Disability Carrier

You purchased your long term disability policy expecting that in your time of greatest financial need, your long term disability carrier would step up to the plate and pay you the benefits that you purchased.Unfortunately, long term disability carriers do not make it easy for those who purchased a private disability policy or a policy through their employer to get the benefits that they ought to receive.Why? The insurance company’s goal is often not to provide full benefits but rather, profit. Long term disability carriers maximize their profits by minimizing the compensation that they pay out of their policy.A vast...

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It depends on the terms of your policy! Many long-term disability carriers do provide that they have the right to reduce your benefits by the receipt of shop “other income”. ERISA disability attorney Nancy Cavey suggests that you first get out your long-term disability policy and review the terms of your policy to see whether or not there is a provision that allows for reduction of your benefits by the receipt of “other income”. Secondly, you should review the “other income” terms carefully to make sure that whatever benefits you might be receiving are in fact...

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Johnny Boykins Has Helped Social Security Disability Applicants in the Tampa Bay Area

Johnny Boykins smile and laugh are infectious. He has mastered the Social Security Disability claim’s process while working with Tampa Bay Social Security Disability Attorney Sharon Barrett.Johnny’s thoroughly familiar with the compassionate allowance program which helps individuals with certain medical conditions be fast tracked in the Social Security Disability claim’s process.Did you know that accelerated benefits were approved for 45,000 people in 2010 for compassionate allowances.Johnny Boykins, who served in the Coast Guard Reserve, says that it’s about “commitment to public service”.If you or a family member suffers from a disabling condition or disease contact Johnny Boykins at Cavey and...

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Federal Suit Filed on Accusing Social Security Judges of Bias

Your Social Security Disability claim may ultimately be decided by an Administrative Law Judge. National statistics show that over 60% of Social Security Disability claims are awarded after a Social Security Disability hearing before an Administrative Law Judge. But, there are some biased judges and in April 2011, a Federal Suit was filed in the Eastern District of New York accusing Federal Administrative Law Judge’s of erecting a “brick wall” of bias denying legitimate Social Security Disability claims.An independent think tank at Syracuse University released an office by office study of close to 2 million benefit determinations that suggest that...

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What Every Social Security Disability Applicant Should Know About the Three Stages of a Social Security Claim

If you have a medical condition that has caused you to become disabled, you should file for Social Security Disability benefits. An application for Social Security benefits can be submitted online through the Social Security Administration website, you can even in person to the local Social Security information office. You are going to be asked questions about your age, education and type of your prior employment.At the initial application stage, the Social Security Disability claim’s processor is going to determine what job you can perform based on your current functional abilities and the skills that you learned at your jobs.70%...

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