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Kentucky’s New Cell Phone Law Supported by Kentucky Personal Injury Attorney Michael A. Schafer

Many Floridians travel during the summer months to the cooler climate of Kentucky. My freind and fellow attorney, Michael A. Schafer has written an impassioned plea to the Kentucky legislature to ban the use of cellphones without using a headset or earpiece. Attorney Michael A. Schafer is a Kentucky personal injury lawyer who has seen the tragic results of using a phone while driving. ...

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Attorney Jim Dodson’s Book on Buying Car Insurance In Florida | Tampa Disability Benefits Attorney

Clearwater personal injury lawyer Jim Dodson has written this auto insurance guide for all Florida drivers and it is a must read. Avoid making a BIG mistake by failing to get the right kind on insurance coverage. Attorney Jim Dodson steers you right and will help answer your questions about Florida auto insurance....

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First Responders and Mitral Regurgitation | Brandon First Responders Workers’ Compensation Benefits Lawyer

I am currently representing a Florida First responder with mitral regurgitation. What is it and is it covered under Florida's Heart and Lung Act? Mitral regurgitation is the incomplete closing of the mitral valve causing flow from the left ventricle into the left atrium. The causes of mtiral regurgitation are a mitral valve prolapse, ischemic changes, or rheumatic fever....

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Wage and Hour Rights for Nurses | Indian Rocks Beach Wage and Hour Lawyer

Are you a Florida registered nurse who is working overtime hours? The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) provides an exemption from minimum wage and overtime pay for employees who are bona fide learned professional employees. If you are nurse who is not being paid overtime, call Cavey and Barrett, your Tampa Bay wage rights lawyers at 727-894-3188 to learn if you are entitled to overtime pay....

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Emma Murray Saves the Day for First Responders | Spring Hill First Responders Workers’ Compensation Benefits Attorney

The Florida legislature changed the attorney fee provisions of 440.34. Florida workers compensation attorneys, like Nancy Cavey, were paid attorneys fees by the workers compensation carrier if they successfully obtained workers' compensation benefits. There are two ways the fees were calculated....

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