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Why Every Physician Seeking Disability Benefits Should Have a Disability Attorney

1. You need advice and assistance in completing your claim forms and other insurance company requests. Picking the right date of disability, making sure your disabling condition is covered and is not excluded by a pre-existing condition, determining your pre-disability earnings and accurately completing your application is key to the beginning of a successful claims process. You should never complete anything, answer phone calls, or written requests of the disability insurance carrier unless you have assistance. Each one of these contacts with a disability insurance company is an opportunity to destroy your ...

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Can I Make a Mistake on Your Long Term Disability Claim Even Before I Stop Practicing Orthopedic Medicine?

If you are an orthopedic physician an are having difficulty practicing orthopedic medicine, you should know you can make a huge mistake even before you stop working. Getting the right date of disability is cruicial before you file your orthopedic claim for long term disability benefits. You should immediately get a copy of your long term disability policy and read it. How does your policy define occupation? Some policies, including Northwestern Mutual policies, will define an occupation as the occupation that they were doing “at the time of disability”. There also may be specialty language...

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Why Every Medical Professional Should Have a Disability Claims Consultation Before Filing a Claim for Long Term Disability Benefits

There are many stumbling rocks in the disability process. Before a medical professional considers filing a claim for disability benefits, there is help available. You have a difficult decision to make about whether and when to apply for disability benefits and how to you maintain your practice as you move through the disability process. Disability claims advice should include the following: 1. A professional review of your disability policies, including business overhead policies, a written summary of your benefits and a potential problem errors as you move through the disability claims process. 2. An...

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First Responders Wrongfully Denied Florida Workers’s Compensation Benefits Based on Risk Factor Defense

Florida First Responders automatically assume that once they can show they are entitled to the Florida Heart/Lung Presumption they get Florida workers compensation benefits. Wrong! That is one of the first myths Florida workers' compensation attorneyr Nancy Cavey will discuss with you and  how that myth impacts your rights to lost wages and medical treatment. You get the benefit of the presumption once you have shown the presumption actually applies. Then, the burden shifts to your employer to present evidence that rebuts or overcomes that presumption. One of the common defenses raised to First...

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Filing a Workers’ Comp Claim? It Pays to be Organized

In theory, Workers’ Compensation is supposed to offer working Americans medical care and financial security in the event that they get hurt on the job. In reality, Workers’ Compensation has turned into a for-profit industry that is selling workers nothing more than a bill of goods. The end result is long delays, expenditure saving treatments that only fix the symptoms instead of the injury, and often the complete denial of benefits. A recent study by the Center for Justice and Democracy tells a disturbing story of the national decline of workers’ compensation due to...

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