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Using Non Attorney Representative Groups | TV Ads Like Alsup

What: Using Non Attorney Representative Groups I’m sure that you’ve seen ads on the TV for companies like Alsup, or Binder & Binder that provide representation on Social Security Disability cases. Did you know that a majority of their business has been commercially based? What they means is that they’ve entered into contracts with large insurance companies and employers to provide Social Security Disability claims services to their disabled employees. You should particularly if you are a Long Term Disability applicant that people like Jim Alsup, the founder for Alsup & Alsup, have been quote as saying “every dollar we pay in...

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Leading Cause of Long Term Disability is Driving | LTD Attorney Florida

What: Leading Cause of Long Term Disability Claims Who: United States Source: Seattle Post In a recent news article in the Seattle Post, it states that the leading cause of long term disability in the United States is fatal car accidents, or as the article titled it "Driving". it also states that driving is a risky task that people need to be more aware of. Car accidents lead to all kinds of serious injuries and its not a surprise that this is the leading cause of long term disability claims. At the AAA Foundation Web site, chief executive officer Peter Kissinger repeatedly calls the...

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Settlement Agreements and Your Long Term Disability Claim | Tampa Long Term Disability Lawyer

It is not uncommon as part of the settlement negotiations of a Long Term Disability claim that the disability carrier ask that you sign a release. Often, they will ask for this release at the end of the settlement negotiations. At Cavey and Barrett, Nancy Cavey, Tampa based Long Term Disability lawyer, insists that the Long Term Disability carrier provide us with a copy any proposed release before we start talking about settlement. Many releases are, quite frankly, overbroad and ask you to release all sorts of claims including asking you to never to apply for disability or life insurance through...

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Insurance company employee Convicted in Disability Scheme | Florida Disability Lawyer

What: Disability Claim Scheme Where: New Jersey Who: LaShondrea Tucker According to an IFA news brief, LaShondrea Tucker, who was employed as a disability claims manager for Prudential Insurance Co., admitted that between Sept. 22, 2003, and March 23, 2004, she created fraudulent disability claims using the names and other identifiers of actual people enrolled in a teachers’ disability plan. Tucker admitted that she diverted 21 checks and two electronic fund transfers, totaling over $94,100.

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Man Who Became Disabled by Unprotected Sex Denied Disability Award | Florida Disablity Insurance Lawyer

What: Disability Claim Denied Where: BC Canada Who: Randolph Gibbens A man in Canada who had unprotected sex and contracted a disablity in which left him paralyzed has lost his case in trying to bring his disability claim. Randolph Gibbens had contracted herpes in unprotected sex and became a paraplegic after the disease had ran its course and lost a $200,000 Supreme Court Case. According to the ruling, "The case, which pitted the Co-operators Life Insurance Company against the former high-pressure water blaster, centred on the meaning of the word "accident" in deciding insurance claims." ...

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Long Term Disability Features for Medical Professionals and Attorneys | Know Your Benefits

As a highly paid specialized medical or legal professional you need to adequately protect your income in the case of disability. There are several features that you should consider in purchasing a Long Term Disability Policy. Any policy should have the following features: 1. Recognizing the specialty or sub speciality that you practice 2. Protect your disability benefit if you experience a reduction in earnings over time due to progressive illnesses 3. Protect you if you've contracted an infectious or contangious disease which is not disabling but results in a loss of income 4. Provides continued benefits for a number of months after a return...

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The Doctor Who Could No Longer Be a Surgeon: The Tale of a Long Term Disability Claim

Many physicians buy Long Term Disability policies which provides that disability benefits will be paid if they are unable to engage in their own occupation. If you have such a policy, I strongly suggest that you get out your policy and read the language. You must understand what the definition of total disability is. Some policies will define "total disability" as "unable to perform any job for which you are reasonably qualified or may become qualified because of your education, training or experience," that's an awful broad definition of a disability. These cases are usually dependent on policy language. As a...

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Long Term Disability Messes That Can Cause You Serious Financial Problems | Tampa Bay Disability Lawyer

Many people that buy Long Term Disability policy believing that after an accident or illness their lost income will be covered. That isn't correct! Did you know that a typical group policy only pays you 60% of your salary up to a specified limit? Such as $3,000, $5,000 or $7,500 per month? Long Term Disability group policies also don't replace lost income from commissions or bonuses. While getting Long Term Disability insurance because you have a one and three chance of becoming disabled and not being about to work 90 days or more at some point in your career, you do need...

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Did the Carrier Use The Wrong Expert? Long Term Disability Claim Denied Lawyer in Tampa Bay Florida

Long Term Disability carriers will routinely have a Long Term Disability claim reviewed by a panel of hired gun medical reviewers. We see these same reviewers time and time again. One of the most common mistakes Long Term disability carriers make is to use the wrong medical expert for the medical condition that is being claimed. Now that sounds dumb doesn’t it? The Florida federal regulations, which governs ERISA claim’s handling requires that the Long Term Disability carrier consult with a health care professional that has “appropriate training and experience in the field of medicine involved in the medical judgment,” 29...

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