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No. 4 – The 2008 economy and the payment of long-term disability benefits.

No. 4 - The 2008 economy and the payment of long-term disability benefits. At the Law Office of Nancy L. Cavey we are seeing a "slow pace strategy" by long-term disability carriers. We have found that carriers aren't "receiving paperwork," asking for the same information over and over, suggesting that they need information, indicating that there is a delay in getting information from physicians. These are all delay tactics that the carriers are using to delay payment to you. With stock prices down and a lack of investment income earnings, disability insurance companies are taking longer to determine disability claims and to...

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What are Costs in a Social Security Disability Claim?

Many times Nancy Cavey, Pinellas and Hillsborough County Social Security Disability attorney, will contact your doctor and ask them to fill out what is called a residual functional capacity form. She always gets her medical records from the treating physicians. At The Law Office of Nancy L. Cavey, we prepay the expenses associated with getting these records or these forms filled out. Costs can vary depending on the number of medical doctors you have seen, the size your medical records and whether we need to have your doctor fill out a residual functional capacity form. Costs rarely run over $350.00. The Social...

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I Have Received Notification that There is Going to be a Vocational Expert at my Social Security Disability Hearing, Why?

table.MsoNormalTable { font-size: 12pt; font-family: "Cambria","serif"; } As previously explained in other posts, there is a five step sequential evaluation process that every Social Security Disability claims goes through. At steps four and five there is a question about whether or not you can return to the lightest job you’ve held in the fifteen years prior to your disability based on your age, education, training, work experience and your physical and mental difficulties. The vocational expert will be given a hypothetical by the administrative law judge and asked whether or not you are capable...

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I am Confused: Why Shouldn’t I just File for Social Security Retirement Benefits instead of Social Security Disability Benefits?

table.MsoNormalTable { font-size: 12pt; font-family: "Cambria","serif"; } What a great question, the Social Security Disability Insurance program is just that, an insurance program that you pay for as a result of the deductions from your paycheck. If you are disabled and unable to work we believe that you should apply for Social Security Disability benefits and not Social Security Retirement benefits. Here’s why: 1. You have to be age 62 or older to apply for Social Security Disability Retirement benefits. 2. The Social Security Retirement benefits are based on your average earnings during your work life. If you have...

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If I get Social Security Disability Benefits Will My Dependents Also Get Benefits?

Absolutely! If you get Social Security Disability benefits, other family members qualify for benefits including: 1.      Children under 19 who have not finished high school. 2.      Your spouse who is caring for a child under the age of 16. 3.      Your spouse over age 62. At Law Office of Nancy L. Cavey, we help you apply for Social Security Disability dependent benefits so that qualified family members also receive Social Security Disability benefits. For a free, no-obligation consultation regarding your rights to Social Security Disability benefits contact Nancy Cavey at 727-894-3188....

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Should I Stop, Should I Go: When Should I Apply for Social Security Disability Benefits?

In the Tampa Bay Area the delay in getting Social Security Disability benefits is over 24 months. No matter what your personal situation is, Nancy L. Cavey, Social Security Disability attorney urges you to apply for Social Security Disability benefits immediately. Did you know that Social Security will pay benefits retroactively for twelve months before you file? If you wait, you can lose retroactive benefits and, more importantly, delay your entitlement to Medicare. Another important reason not to delay is that even though you have paid into the Social Security Disability system, your eligibility for Social Security Disability benefits has to...

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How Much Will I get if My Disability Benefits are Approved?

Disability insurance policies normally pay a percentage of your salary, I say “normally.” Most disability insurance policies begin the calculation of benefits based on what is called based monthly earnings or BME. This is always an issue in physician disability policies; you may be paid on a bonus basis, partnership earnings, consulting income, the sale of property owned by partners or other salary arrangements. I’ve been involved in litigation involving the sole question of how to calculate the base monthly earnings when a medical provider become disabled. You must know the answer to this question before you decide when to apply for disability...

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Filing for Social Security | Migraines and Headaches Medical Complaints

One of the most common medical complaints is a headache. Did you know that there are different types of headaches and different causes? If you suffer from a chronic and debilitating headache, like a migraine, you may entitled to Social Security Disability benefits. If you have any questions about your rights to Social Security Disability benefits, or your claim for Social Security Disability benefits because of chronic headaches or migraines have been denied, contact the Social Security Disability migraine claim denied attorney Sharon Barrett....

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No. 3 – Long-term disability and financial planning.

No. 3 - Long-term disability and financial planning. At The Law Office of Nancy L. Cavey we assist our Long-Term Disability/ERISA clients in dealing with the challenges they confront in the disability claims process. These questions include: (1) What are my benefits when I'm going to start working? (2) How do I file for Social Security? (3) Should I COBRA my health coverage? (4) Do I have alternative sources of healthcare? (5) How do I make the health insurance gap between my Medicare eligibility and the loss of my healthcare? For assistance with these questions and your long-term disability or Social Security Disability...

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No. 2 – Long-term disability benefits and my healthcare coverage through COBRA

No. 2 - Long-term disability benefits and my healthcare coverage through COBRA At The Law Office of Nancy L. Cavey, it's not uncommon for long-term disability applicants to come to our office with a letter from their employer about continuing their healthcare coverage through COBRA. Federal law requires employers with 20 or more employees to provide COBRA health care continuation coverage, and there are specific time limits for choosing this coverage. Unfortunately, many long-term disability applicants are also applying for Social Security Disability benefits and are in need of medical treatment. They have not become Medicare eligible and are facing a gap in...

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