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The Biggest Mortgage Defaulters are the Rich

In a July 9th, 2010 by David Streitefeld, it was revealed that “the housing bust that began among the working class in remote subdivisions, has quickly spread to the urban, middle class, the striking upper class to privileged enclaves…” The New York Times reviewed cases from the real estate analytical firm Core Logic that shows that more than one in seven home owners have loans in excess of million dollars that are seriously delinquent. Even if you aren’t among the rich and famous, you may have stopped paying your mortgage and be in danger of default. Bankruptcy may be an option for...

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Airplane Pilot Loses License Because of Restrictions and is Still Denied Long Term Disability

Long term disability policies are supposed to replace your income if you are unable to work. Many of these long term disability policies have a clause that says that the loss of license doesn’t mean that you are entitled to benefits. But what about the case of a pilot? If you lose your license because of medication side effects then the loss of your license is irrelevant. Airline pilot long term disability claim denied attorney Nancy Cavey argues that the loss of a license is a consequence of your illness and is further proof that you can’t work. Some long...

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If You Don’t Understand Why Employers Drop Short Term Disability You May Hate Yourself

Because of the lingering recession many employers are dropping short term disability coverage or asking that you pay a part of you disability insurance premium. A vast majority of disabilities last less than one year and that’s why it’s important that you have short term disability insurance to provide disability income protection. While many people believe that they can rely on Social Security if they become disabled, Social Security only covers illnesses if they are expected to last more than one year. Even worse, only 36% of applicants are approved on their first request for benefits. You can’t rely on Social Security...

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Fatigue and Your Disability Claim

One of the many symptoms of MS is a generalized feeling of fatigue. It’s one of the most frequently cited MS symptoms. If you Google “fatigue” and “MS” you will get over 1.5 million hits and there are over 1,200 scientific papers on this topic alone. When we represent an MS disability applicant, we make sure that all the symptoms of MS are fully explained in your medical records and will often video tape or audio tape a statement from our clients explaining the symptoms and how they impact their functionality. If you are fatigued and feel like a wet dishrag,...

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Fibromyalgia and Your Long Term Disability Claim

Over 6 million Americans suffer from Fibromyalgia in the United States. Unfortunately, Long Term Disability carriers treat Fibromyalgia as a made up condition and routinely deny claims for Long Term Disability benefits for Fibromyalgia. Nancy Cavey, Florida Fibromyalgia Long Term Disability claims denied attorney, suggests that it is important that you keep a Fibromyalgia diary. It should have three parts: 1. Symptoms 2. Impact on your life 3. Typical daily activities People who have Fibromyalgia have tenderness throughout their body, a flu like aching, fatigue, sleep issues, and have side effects from the medication. Nancy Cavey, Fibromyalgia...

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Long Term Disability Benefits and Lyme Disease

Did you know that Lyme Disease is one of the fastest growing infectious diseases in the United States? Lyme Disease results when an infected tick bites you and the borrelia burgdorferi bacteria are transmitted into your blood stream. This bacteria finds its way through the joints and the connective tissue to the heart, spine, brain and other areas. This bacteria can trigger a strong, inflammatory immune response that leads to swelling and pain in the joints, irregular heart beat or an irritation of the membranes that surround the central nervous system leading to stiff neck, headache, paralysis of the face, muscles,...

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Federal Judge Allows Deposition in Standard Insurance Company Claim’s Denial of Disabled Attorney

Congratulations to David Bryant and Megan Galor, disability attorney’s who represent J. Kevin Garvey in his Long Term Disability claim against his former employer Piper Rudnick and their Long Term Disability carrier Standard Insurance Company. They’ve won a great decision in federal court, where the judge allowed them to take the deposition of Standard Insurance company representatives to learn more about Standards conflict of interest in denying Attorney Garvey his Long Term Disability benefits. District court Judge Lefkowitz carefully considered the new Supreme Court decision in Metropolitan Life v. Glenn 128 Supreme Court 2343 (2008) and how that decision impacted the ability...

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Vocational Mistakes Long Term Disability Carriers Use to Deny Your Long Term Disability Benefits/ Sarasota Long Term Disability Benefit Lawyer Nancy Cavey

Long Term Disability carriers will routinely use a vocational assessment to determine your residual functional capacity and the skills, interests, aptitudes you have so that they can determine whether you are capable of going back to your past work or other work available in the national economy. One of the many errors that Long Term Disability carrier’s vocational evaluators will use is to cherry pick your doctor’s report about your physical and mental impairments. They will pick out those restrictions and limitations which indicate that you are capable of sedentary work. They will also fail to consider important medical or...

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UNUM Paul Revere Long Term Disability Policy Denials – Shifting the Burden Of Claims Investigation

The Ninth Circuit in Hangarter v. Provident Life An Accident Insurance Company, 373f.3d998, 1014 (9th Circuit 2004) entered a skating decision summarizing the extensive evidence that had been developed in a jury trial that resulted in the punitive verdict of over $10 million against UNUM Provident and Paul Revere based on a claims handling. It was confirmed during this case that UNUM Provident and Paul Revere had a practice of shifting the burden of “claim’s investigation to the insured.” A Long Term Disability carrier should be conducting a reasonable investigation of all the relevant information in a Long Term...

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UNUM and Paul Revere Use Targets and Goals For Claim’s Denial/ UNUM Provident Paul Revere Long Term Disability Denied Attorney

UNUM Provident and Paul Revere have been found guilty of setting targets and goals for claim’s terminations to include the profitability of UNUM and Paul Revere without respect to whether or not that Long Term Disability policy holder is rightfully due their benefits. In the case of Hangarter v. Provident Life An Accident Insurance Company, 373f.3d998, 1014 (9th Circuit 2004) and more recently in the case Merick v. Paul Revere Life and UNUM Provident, 2008 US District Lexis 106976 (November 17, 2008), both companies have been found guilty of: 1. Establishing targets and goals to terminate Long Term Disability claims. ...

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