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Long Term Disability Benefits and Lyme Disease

Did you know that Lyme Disease is one of the fastest growing infectious diseases in the United States? Lyme Disease results when an infected tick bites you and the borrelia burgdorferi bacteria are transmitted into your blood stream. This bacteria finds its way through the joints and the connective tissue to the heart, spine, brain and other areas.

This bacteria can trigger a strong, inflammatory immune response that leads to swelling and pain in the joints, irregular heart beat or an irritation of the membranes that surround the central nervous system leading to stiff neck, headache, paralysis of the face, muscles, nausea and pain/weakness of the limbs.

If the bacteria spreads to your central nervous symptoms, you can also experience confusion, memory lapse, pain in coordination, mood swings and other cognitive issues.

There are an estimated 225,000 new cases of lime disease every year and less than 60% of those infected have the “bulls eye rashes” that has been sometimes seen in lyme disease cases.

Your immune system response to this bacteria can cause painful debilitating symptoms that can cause you to be unable to work.

If you’ve been diagnosed with lyme disease and your claim for Long Term Disability benefits has been denied, contact lyme disease Long Term Disability attorney Nancy Cavey, for a free, no obligation consultation, at a $450 value. She can be reached at 727-894-3188. If the lyme disease Long Term Disabiltiy operators at Cavey and Barrett are busy, please be sure to call back.

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