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Fibromyalgia and Your Long Term Disability Claim

Over 6 million Americans suffer from Fibromyalgia in the United States. Unfortunately, Long Term Disability carriers treat Fibromyalgia as a made up condition and routinely deny claims for Long Term Disability benefits for Fibromyalgia.

Nancy Cavey, Florida Fibromyalgia Long Term Disability claims denied attorney, suggests that it is important that you keep a Fibromyalgia diary. It should have three parts:
1. Symptoms
2. Impact on your life
3. Typical daily activities

People who have Fibromyalgia have tenderness throughout their body, a flu like aching, fatigue, sleep issues, and have side effects from the medication.

Nancy Cavey, Fibromyalgia Long Term Disability claims denied attorney suggests that you address the following:

1. Symptoms: Describe the symptoms of your Fibromyalgia and where you have the symptoms. These should include pain, tenderness, stiffness, deep pain, aching pain, flu like symptoms.

2. Impact on your life: The symptoms of Fibromyalgia can limit you from doing your activities of daily living. You may have to even pace yourself so that you spread your activities of daily living or chores over the course of several days.

3. Typical Daily Activities: In keeping your daily log, you will also get a sense of how your activity is limited but perhaps help identify pain triggers. Focus on the following:
a. What is your daily routine?
b. How you have had to modify your daily routine?
c. Are there any triggers that you can identify that cause your pain to increase?
d. When you woke up did you feel fatigue and did your fatigue progress?
e. Did you have any other physical symptoms such as tenderness, stiffness or pain when you woke up and how did those progress?
f. How did you handle those symptoms?

The Long Term Disability carrier is going to be asking you to fill out activities of daily living forms. Nancy Cavey, Florida Long Term Disability attorney who specializes in Fibromyalgia cases, has written the book Robbed of Your Peace of Mind: Important Information on Long Term Disability Insurance Policies, the Claims Process and How to Win Your Long Term Disability Benefits. This book will be a guide to you during this part of your diary and assist you in filling out the activity of daily living forms.

I also like an ECAG function scale that is found in the American Pain Foundations Spotlight on Fibromyalgia Tip Sheet. This function scale grades your activities on a scale of 0 to 4. However, I also think that it is important in using this scale, that you use this scale over the course of a week. What do I mean? You may have a good day where you are able to do more than others and yet suffer the next day.

You also need to be careful of the definition of “light work” as this case killer. Long Term Disability carriers use the Dictionary of Occupational Titles definition of light duty.

If your activity of daily living form shows that you can engage in at least light duty work, you are not be awarded Long Term Disability benefits. You must show that your functional level is less than sedentary, which is defined by the Dictionary of Occupational Titles.

Please keep these two very important definitions in mind when you are filling out your Fibromyalgia diary.

If you are a Fibromyalgia sufferer who is thinking about filing a claim for Long Term Disability benefits or your claim for Long Term Disability benefits has been denied, contact Long Term Disability attorney Nancy Cavey, who can assist you with your Fibromyalgia Long Term Disability claim. She can be reached at 727-894-3188.

If the operators at Cavey and Barrett are busy, please call again.

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