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Financial Pre-Planning Doesn’t End When You Buy Your Long Term Disability Policy | ERISA Disability Insurance Lawyer

Your financial preplanning did not begin and end with the purchase a long-term disability policy. That was only the beginning! You still have to make significant plans for your financial future. What do I mean? If you suffer from a gradual onset disease like degenerative joint disease, Parkinson's disease, Lou Gehrig's disease, multiple sclerosis, or Alzheimer's, the disease process will give you the time you need to make significant work and financial decisions. There are a number of steps that you must take, sooner and not later, in financial preplanning. 1. Learn about your disease and how it progresses over time. It is important...

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Will The Long Term Disability Carrier Spy on Me? | St. Petersburg Disability Insurance Lawyer

Yes! I tell every long term disability/ERISA claim applicant that the long term disability carrier will place surveillance on you. They will ask you to complete Activities of Daily Living forms and then try to catch you doing something you said you could not do. They will then confront you with the film and try to get you to sign a statement saying you are not telling the truth. I have written extensively on How To Prepare for Your Statement And Field Visit. Grab your free copy of my book about it today by visiting that link! Need Help With Your Long Term...

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Signing Long Term Disability/ERISA Medical Release Can Destroy Your Claim | Tampa Bay Long Term Disability Lawyer

The long term disability/ERISA carrier may ask you to sign medical releases. Be careful because you do so at your own risk. The carrier will use that release to talk with your doctor about your medical condition and deny your claim for long term disability benefits. The long term disability/ERISA carrier will also try to get your doctors to agree with their doctor's assessment about your ability to work or have them look at surveillance film. That will destroy your claim! Don't give them access to your doctors by signing a medical release! Read an article Virginia attorney Ben Glass wrote about signing...

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Can the Long Term Disability Carrier Force You to Use A Social Security Disability Claims Service They Recommend Like Allsup? | Clearwater ERISA Disability Attorney

Many long-term disability insurance policies require you to apply for Social Security disability benefits, and will offer the services of companies like Allsup, Occudanta, Advantage 2000, Disability Services, Inc. to help you with your Social Disability Claim. Should you use these companies? As an experienced long-term disability/ERISA and Social Security disability Attorney. My answer is unequivocally "No"! In fact, UNUM was convicted on making LTD applicants apply for Social Security disability even if the applicant was not entitled to or qualified or eligible for Social Security disability. Of course, some may think my answer is based on...

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Long Term Disability Carriers Clog Up The Social Secuirty System | Florida Disability Insurance Lawyer

2.5 Million American apply for Social Security disability benefits every year and it takes, on average a whopping 288 days, to get a decision on because of the backlog. The reality is that in the Tampa/St. Petersburg area the delay is almost 2 years. What contributes to that delay? In an awesome article, the New York Times author, Mary Williams Walsch, exposed for the public what ERISA/LTD and Social Secuirty lawyers and their clients deal with every day. The Social Security Disability system is being clogged by long term diablility carriers, such as...

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What is ERISA and Why Should You Care? | Florida Disability Insurance Attorney

Your employer may have offered you a long term disability policy as part of your benefit package. Did you accept and begin paying premiums? If so, and if you are not employed by a church or a municipality, your claim is probably covered under the Empoyee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA). The ERISA Act was passed by Congress in 1974 to address teamster union corruption. Remember Jimmy Hoffa who used teamster dues to fund his criminal enterprise? Congress wanted to pass a simple (not), comprehensive (not) and uniform (never) application of law for health,...

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New York Insurance Commissioner Says UNUM is Complying with Claims Handling Agreement | Sarasota Disability Insurance Lawyer

The New York Insurance Commissioner has just announced that, in his opinion, UNUM is complying with the 2004 Multistate Agreement that UNUM entered into after being sued by a number of State Attorney Generals for their claims handling of long term disability cases. If you've been denied a claim, contact our New York Life disability claims lawyer today. Click on the link If you have any questions about your long term disability claim against UNUM or have been wronfully denied your long term disability benefits by UNUM, contact UNUM long term disability claims lawyer Nancy Cavey by clicking the link or...

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Cancer is Top Cause of UNUM’s Disability Claims | Orlando Disability Insurance Attorney

Unum has issued an annual review of the leading causes of the 400,000 short and long term disability claims it got in 2007. According to the review, the leading cause of short term disabilty claims is a normal pregnancy which caused 21% percent of the disability claims. That is understandable! 10% of the claims where due to non- back related injuries, 7% due to digestive or intestinal disease and 6% were due to back injuries. The leading cause of long term disability claims, based on a disability database that tracks 25 million covered individuals and...

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What is an ERISA Disability Attorney?

Most Long Term Disability policyholders have bought their Long Term Disability policy through their employer. The employer Retirement Income Security Act usually governs these types of policies unless it is church based or municipal plant based. The ERISA law, unfortunately, is a maze for the uninitiated. You can submit your initial application for benefits together with supporting documentation including medical records. Most people naively expect that the Long Term Disability carrier will immediately begin the payment of benefits because, after all, their treating physician has said they are unable to work. Unfortunately, the reality is...

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