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Times Are Tough by Social Security Disability Benefits are Rising

For the first time since 2009, Social Security Disability recipients will get a cost of living adjustment known as a COLA of 3.6%. But, Medicare can eat up that increase. If you are enrolled in Medicare, your insurance premium has been deduced from your Social Security checks. Medicare premiums will be determined by Medicare in November 2011. This increase may not mean that you are getting ahead, but it may just keep you from falling further behind. We realize that getting benefits is an important benefit of getting your Social Security Disability benefits. If your Social Security Disability claim has been...

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Federal Suit Filed on Accusing Social Security Judges of Bias

Your Social Security Disability claim may ultimately be decided by an Administrative Law Judge. National statistics show that over 60% of Social Security Disability claims are awarded after a Social Security Disability hearing before an Administrative Law Judge. But, there are some biased judges and in April 2011, a Federal Suit was filed in the Eastern District of New York accusing Federal Administrative Law Judge’s of erecting a “brick wall” of bias denying legitimate Social Security Disability claims. An independent think tank at Syracuse University released an office by office study of close to 2 million benefit determinations that suggest that...

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Social Security Judges Ordered to Stop Deciding Disability Cases So that Managers Can Get Bonuses

According to the Wall Street Journal, the Social Security Administration ordered judges to stop deciding disability cases so that the managers could get bonuses. As the article explains, the federal fiscal year can only have 52 weeks. Because the calendar year is a day and a quarter longer than that, every five or six years, there is a “orphan week” so, the purposes of an incentive program was put in place to speed the resolution of cases to have everything done before that week because that week doesn’t count toward their numerical targets. Social Security Disability applicants can wait years to...

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Times Are Tough but Newt Gingrich Thinks that the Uninsured Should Get Health Care Through Charity

Times are tough in America because of our difficult economic condition and many Americans rely on the safety net of the Social Security Disability benefits and Medicare. In an interview with Wolf Blitzer on September 13, 2011, Newt Gingrich said that “uninsured Americans should receive health care through charity organizations and ‘free clinics’ rather than government sponsored programs.” [caption id="" align="alignright" width="188" caption="Picture from"][/caption] Politicians need to remember that Medicare isn’t charity and if you have paid into the Social Security Disability system and you are disabled, you have the legal right to get Social Security Disability benefits and Medicare. The Social Security...

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Bad News for Social Security Disability Applicants Who Have Been Denied Their Benefits

The Social Security Administration has made it tougher for Social Security Disability applicants who have denied to get their Social Security Disability benefits while their denial is being appealed. Social Security has enacted SSR 11-1p which changes Social Security’s policy that allowed an applicant that was denied to file a new claim while the denial was appealed. You are going to have to chose between continuing with the administrative appeal or filing a new application, you can’t do both. That’s bad for disability applicants who have been denied because you have to wait out the appeal process. That means that you are going...

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What Every Social Security Disability Applicant Should Know About the Three Stages of a Social Security Claim

If you have a medical condition that has caused you to become disabled, you should file for Social Security Disability benefits. An application for Social Security benefits can be submitted online through the Social Security Administration website, you can even in person to the local Social Security information office. You are going to be asked questions about your age, education and type of your prior employment. At the initial application stage, the Social Security Disability claim’s processor is going to determine what job you can perform based on your current functional abilities and the skills that you learned at your jobs. 70%...

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Insider Secrets About the Social Security Disability Claim’s Process in the Tampa Bay Area

We have been hard hit in the Tampa Bay Area with losses of jobs and layoffs. Unfortunately, some of the first people to be laid off are the working disabled. Their employer may have been able to accommodate their physical or psychiatric problems but when times get tough for employers and first to lose their jobs can be the disabled. A number of Floridians seeking Social Security Disability benefits has increased over 50%. This year and nearly 157,000 in Florida sought Social Security Disability benefits according to the Social Security Administration. Statistics show that almost 2/3rd of those who have applied were...

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The ABC Formula for Having Your Doctor Fill Out a Residual Functional Capacity Form

If your physician has told you that you are unable to work as a result of a disabling medical condition, you should immediately file for Social Security Disability benefits. But, a letter from your doctor simply stating that you are disabled and no longer able to work is not going to cut it. A residual function capacity form can make or break your disability case. What’s the secret behind a residual functional capacity form? This form answers the question about your ability to engage in normal activities despite medical or physical conditions. Some common questions about how long you can sit,...

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Cholesterol Management and Your Cardiovascular Health

When a severe medical condition such as cardiovascular disease results in disability, you may qualify for Social Security Disability benefits if you are unable to work. A report from a nutritional outlook reveals that over half of the adults in the United States have high or elevated cholesterol which can lead to cardiovascular disease. The trends found by Innova Market Insights show that Americans have spent $11 billion on food with heart health claims like “cholesterol free” and “reduced cholesterol” since 2008. Many of those products are bakery and cereal or dairy products. Fat enriched foods have become part of the American...

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Gene Therapies Trained to Kill Cancer

In a bold new experiment at the University of Pennsylvania, doctors removed a billion of William Ludwig’s T-Cells. T-Cells are white blood cells that fight viruses and tumors. The T-Cells were given new genes that were programmed to attack his cancer. The altered cells were then dripped back into Mr. Ludwig’s veins and, after a few weeks, his leukemia was gone. According to an article in the New York Times: Science Times there was “no trace of it anywhere, no leukemic cells in his blood or bone marrow, no more bulging lymph nodes on his CT scans.” This treatment was described...

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