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If You Don’t Consult a Long Term Disability Lawyer Before You File Your Claim for Long Term Disability Benefits, You’ll Hate Yourself Later

When you apply for short or long term disability benefits you can make some very serious mistakes that can destroy your claim or limit the benefits your are entitled to. That’s why Nancy Cavey, a long term disability attorney, suggests that you get advice about the disability claims process before you file a claim for benefits. Why? You’ve purchased a disability policy to protect your lifestyle and if you try to represent yourself, you can make crucial mistakes in the application phase. Unfortunately, I have had cases where lawyers and doctors who become disabled try to represent themselves in the disability...

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If You Don’t Pick the Right Date to Stop Working, You’ll Hate Yourself Later When Your Long Term Disability Claim is Denied

If your doctor has told you that you are unable to work and you are thinking about applying for short or long term disability benefits, one of the most important decisions that you need to make is the date on which you stop working. If you pick the wrong date to stop working, your claim could be denied! Many short and long term policies have a provision that requires you to have coverage for a certain period of time before you become eligible to file for benefits. So, if for example, your policy requires that you be covered a year before...

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First Responders Required to Give Notice of Injury to their Employer

If you are first responder you are required to provide your employer with notice that you have condition that’s covered under the Heart and Lung Act and claim benefits. Unfortunately, many employers simply don’t educate first responders about their entitlement to worker’ compensation benefits under the First Responder Act. In the recent case of Forester vs. Florida Highway Patrol/Department of Highway Safety, Investigator Forester developed uncontrolled hypertension for which medication was prescribed. He was out of work for over ten days and he advised his supervisor of this medical situation. Despite advising his supervisor and coming back to work with a...

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Social Security Disability Benefits are the Subject of Violent Threats

The Social Security Administration’s Office of Disability Adjudication and Review reported that between March 2009 and August 2009 there were over twenty-eight violent threats reported at Social Security Disability offices and nine judges were threatened. Social Security judges have difficult decisions to make and the delay in hearing claims has not been caused by an administrative law judge. Unfortunately, part of delay has been the lack of staffing and judges to hear claims but the efforts in the St. Petersburg area has resulted in the opening of a new claims office in St. Petersburg. Threatening an administrative law judge isn’t the way to...

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Do You Know When You Should Consult a Disability Lawyer?

The disability insurance claims process is complicated and an innocent mistake can destroy your claim for benefits. While it may not be necessary to consult a disability attorney, Nancy Cavey, disability claims denied attorney, thinks that it is important that you get advice about the disability claims process even before you file a claim for disability or stop working. You can have your disability insurance policy reviewed so you can understand the crucial terms that will govern your entitlement to benefits, the amount of your benefits, and even the claims process. You can even decide whether you need to retain an...

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The Dirty Secret About Long Term Disability Interviews

Long Term Disability Attorney Nancy Cavey who has written the go to guide on surveillance and completing activity of daily living forms, knows that there is a dirty secret about long term disability insurance carrier interviews. If, for example, you've undergone survey, you will most likely see these kinds of questions: How is your recovery coming? What are your current restrictions and limitations? What are you current symptoms? What is your current course of treatment and does this include a return to work? If not, why not? How often do you meet with your physicians? Have you started any physical therapy? Are you taking any medication? If...

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18.7 % Of the Countries Population Has Some Level of Disability

According to the US Census Bureau’s Report “American’s With Disabilities: 2005” 18.7% of the countries population has some level of disability. You should consider purchasing a private long term disability policy. Before doing so, you should consider the following: A short elimination period will allow you to quickly receive benefits. A policy that provides for cost of living adjustments if you are disabled over a long period of time. A long term disability policy that does not have any reductions if you receive Social Security Disability benefits. Nancy Cavey, long term disability policy expert, has written Robbed of Your Peace of Mind a book that...

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Is Your Social Security Disability Claim Vulnerable Because Your Social Security Disability Attorney Doesn’t Know the Ten Things that Should Be Done in Every Social Security Disability Claim?

Social Security Disability law is complicated and time consuming. However, an experienced Social Security Disability attorney, such as former Social Security Disability staff attorney, Sharon Barrett, knows that there are ten things that should be done in every Social Security Disability claim: Meet with you personally to discuss your Social Security Disability claim. Explain the Social Security Disability claim’s process and explain the strategy which will be implemented to win your claim. Get a copy of your Social Security file from the Social Security Administration. Get a copy of your medical records. Assess your claim and determine whether or not it will meet Social Security...

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C&M Shull Forms Worker’s Compensation Advisory Group

State of Florida Insurance Consumer Advocate, C&M Shull, has formed the Workers’ Compensation Advisory Group. This group has diverse members of the workers’ compensation system and has invited members of the workers’ compensation section to participate. The Office of Consumer Advocacy is expected to “recommend changes in the workers’ compensation system”. We will keep you advised....

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You’ve Made the Difficult Decision To File for Social Security Disability Benefits but How Do You Go About Doing It?

There are three different ways to start the Social Security Disability claims application: Go online at Visit your local Social Security Disability field office. Call them on the phone. Which one is right for you? It really depends on your personal circumstances. If you can’t get to the local Social Security Disability office we suggest that you apply online or by phone. However, we think the wiser choice is to visit the local Social Security Disability  field office if you are able and if you are prepared with the following: A list of all of your medical providers and their addresses. Copies of your medical records. A...

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