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First Responders Required to Give Notice of Injury to their Employer

Giving Notice of InjuryIf you are first responder you are required to provide your employer with notice that you have condition that’s covered under the Heart and Lung Act and claim benefits. Unfortunately, many employers simply don’t educate first responders about their entitlement to worker’ compensation benefits under the First Responder Act.

In the recent case of Forester vs. Florida Highway Patrol/Department of Highway Safety, Investigator Forester developed uncontrolled hypertension for which medication was prescribed. He was out of work for over ten days and he advised his supervisor of this medical situation. Despite advising his supervisor and coming back to work with a note to return to work, the Florida Highway Patrol never filed a first report of injury.

Investigator Forester ultimately claimed workers’ compensation benefits after learning about his rights under the Heart Bill, the state denied his claim on the basis that he had not given timely notice. Workers’ compensation claim Judge Joseph Murphy objected that defense and awarded workers’ compensation benefits to Investigator Forester.

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