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Social Security Wants to Kick Amputee Off Social Security Disability

If the government decides that your medical condition has improved, it can terminate your Social Security disability and medical benefits. That is happening to Tampa resident, Todd Cohen, who had his leg amputated as a result of cancer. Todd, who has a prosthetic leg and has gone to school to improve his skills, but has not been able to find a job. His medical condition has gotten worse with a staph infection and blisters at the site of his amputation. Yet, the Social Security administration has taken the position that Mr. Cohen’s condition has improved.

He has a hearing on Wednesday and let’t hope the Social Security Administration does right. Mr. Cohen, who does not have lawyer, is hoping that publicity in the St. Petersburg Times will put pressure on the Social Security administration.

Let’s hope he wins but he really should have an experienced Social Security disability lawyer who can develop the medical evidence of his complications, show how the restrictions he has erodes his employability and be ready to address the vocational evidence that will be presented at his trial. Mr. Cohen does not understand what he has to prove to win and what the Social Security witnesses are going to say about his employability. He needs to read about the social security daims and denial process.

The Social Security process does not always make sense. It is not about the amputation or his inability to find a job. It is about developing the right evidence to meet the 5 step sequential evaluation process.

Perhaps Mr. Cohen does not know he can afford a Tampa Bay Social Security disailbity lawyer like Nancy Cavey. Don’t put  your faith in the newspapers to help win your denied Social Security disability claim.

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