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Celiac Disease and Your Rights to Long Term Disability Benefits.

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Celiac Disease is a permanent intolerance to wheat protein and related alcohol soluble proteins (prolamins) found in rye and barley. Celiac Disease can lead to an autoimmune disease, which can result in inflammation and malabsorption of critical vitamins, minerals and calories and eventually a long term disability. Signs and Symptoms of Celiac Disease These signs and symptoms can include: 1.) Diarrhea, 2.) Iron deficiency anemia, 3.) Lactose intolerance, There are also “non classical” symptoms, like abdominal pain, The key to confirming the diagnosis is a small intestinal biopsy, and your response to a gluten free diet. Because Celiac Disease is an autoimmune condition, you may have a long term disability...

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Osteoporosis and Your Right to Long Term Disability Benefits.

If you have purchased a Long Term Disability policy through your employer or on your own, you may be entitled to Long Term Disability Benefits, if your doctor has told you that you are unable to work as a result of Osteoporosis. How is Osteoporosis Diagnosed? A Bone Density Test is the only test that can diagnose Osteoporosis before broken bones appear. It can also, 1.) Predict your chance of breaking bones in the future, 2.) See if your bone density is getting worse or staying the same, Bone Density Tests The National Osteoporosis Foundation recommends a Bone Density Test of the hip and spine using...

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Physician Support for Your Long Term Disability Claims! Crucial!

If you have purchased a Long Term Disability policy through your employer or on your own, you may be entitled to Long Term Disability benefits if your physician has told you that you are unable to work. Let’s be frank! A claim for disability benefits will never be approved without the support of your treating physician. Your doctor has to certify and document in your medical records you have restrictions and limitations that prevent you from working either in your occupation or any occupation. Nancy Cavey, A Nation Wide Long Term Disability Attorney, thinks it’s crucial that you provide your doctor with...

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New Article about Former Commissioners of Social Security Voicing Support for Disability Programs

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In a recent article from the Huffington Post, Donna Meltzer, the Immediate Past Chairperson, Consortium for Citizens with Disabilities; CEO, CEO of the National Association of Councils on Developmental Disabilities, writes about how 8 former commissioners of the godomain Social Security are voicing their support for the disability programs we have. Read the article here:

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What is the Difference Between Social Security’s Definition and a Long Term Disability Definition of Disability?

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The Social Security Administration uses a five step sequential evaluation, the five step sequential evaluation asks whether or not you have engaged in gainful activity, whether you have a severe impairment, meet a listing, whether you can return to the work that you did in the past and whether you are capable of performing other work in the national economy based on your age, education and transferable skills. On the other hand, each long term disability policy has their own definition of disability that generally the [caption id="attachment_4936" align="alignright" width="298"] definition of disability[/caption] definition is the inability to engage in the material and...

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Secret Assignment of Social Security Judges

The Social Security Administration instituted a new policy in Summer 2011 in which the name of the Social Security Administrative Law Judge assigned to your case is withheld until the day of the hearing. This is new policy has made it difficult for Social Security Disability claimants and their attorneys to properly prepare their clients for a hearing. How so? Each Administrative Law Judge has: 1. Their own way of conducting a hearing 2. Their own way of viewing the evidence. Some Administrative Law Judges like Memorandums of Law before hearing while others want opening statements. This new policy is being investigated by the...

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Reed Group Bought by Guardian

The Reed Group is an absence management services based in Westminster  Colorado, who administers long term disability plans included those for Johnson & Johnson. The Reed Group has been beholden for many years to employers as a servicing company doing their bidding and reviewing, analyzing and ultimately denying many long term disability claims. Guardian Insurance Company has bought the Reed Group and one can only imagine that this is for the purposed of improving their claim’s denial rate. If your long term disability claim has been administered by Reed Group, contact Reed Group disability claim denied attorney Nancy Cavey who can help...

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Continuing Disability Statements and Your Rights to Long Term Disability Benefits: The Introduction

You may have received a phone call or letter from your long term disability carrier advising that they want to take “a continuing disability statement”, they may even come to your house to attempt to take the statement which I strongly discourage. The introductory part of the continuing disability statement will include: 1. The agreement that the interview site is an agreeable location 2. Identify who is present and their relationship, if any, to you 3. The day’s date and time 4. Your acknowledgement that the interview is going to be recorded and your agreement to the same 5. Questions as to whether you are...

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Amending the Social Security Disability On Set Date

social security disability on set date

When you apply for Social Security Disability benefits, one of the most important dates is what is called the on set date. Generally, the correct on set date is based on medical facts. That means if you were involved in an accident, the date of the accident might be the date of the on set if you were disabled and unable to work as of that date. On the other hand, the on set date might be the date that your doctor told you that you were unable to work. Sometimes, the Administrative Law Judge will offer a “deal” at a Social...

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Parkinson’s and the Social Security Disability Grids

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The Social Security Administration uses at five step process to determine whether or not a Parkinson’s disease patient qualifies for Social Security Disability benefits. At Step 4 of the 5 Step Sequential Evaluation, the Social Security Administration will determine whether you have the ability to perform work that you have done in the past despite your Parkinson’s disease. If the Social Security Administration finds that you can do you past work then your benefits are denied. However, if you can’t do your past relevant work then the Social Security Administration will proceed to the fifth and final step. At Step 5,...

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