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How can I get a decision faster when I apply for disability?

The Social Security Administration has their own schedule and works at their own pace. An attorney cannot make the Social Security Administration work at a faster pace or demand that you receive a decision. An attorney cannot control the speed in which you are scheduled for a Hearing before an Administrative Law Judge. What is important is that you send in the proper documentation filled out accurately and completely. At The Law Office of Nancy L. Cavey, we ensure that your documentation is complete and submitted in a timely manner. We will assist you filing for Reconsideration and will help...

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Disabled Veteran? Social Security Disability Claims | Pinellas SSD Attorney

Did you know that if you are wounded on active duty and are applying for Social Security Disability benefits there is a website at that provides fact sheets for disability claims for wounded warriors and how your Social Security Disability application can be expedited.There are also helpful links at Veterans Affairs websites.People in the military are entitled to the same Social Security Disability and survivor’s benefits as everyone else. If you have served in the military and have any questions about your rights to Social Security Disability benefits, contact Social Security Disability...

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What medical conditions are considerd disabling?

What medical conditions are considerd disabling?It is important that you understand how your disability insurance provider defines "disability." For some insurance carriers "disability" means that you are unable to perform your "own occupation." While other carriers define it as the inability to perform "any occupation." The burden is generally on you to prove that you cannot perform your "own occupation." It is also important for you to understand that policies change definitions after you have been recieving benefits for a fixed period of time.At Cavey and Barrett we will review your disability policy...

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Are You Unprepared for Your Social Security Disability Hearing?

If you choose to go it alone and don’t have an attorney represent you at the Social Security hearing you will simply have no clue about the Social Security Disability process, the reasons that your claim was denied in the past, the importance of obtaining and submitting updated medical records to the judge, and developing evidence that will help you win your Social Security Disability case.When an administrative law judge sees an unrepresented claimant who isn’t prepared, the judge is tempted to dispense with this case quickly, and with little effort...

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If my Long Term Disability claim is approved how much will I receive?

If my Long Term Disability claim is approved how much will I receive?You have to read your policy because that will tell you the percentage of the salary that you will receive. The fine print in the policy will tell you how your benefits are calculated and will probably have an offset provision that will reduce our benefits by the receipt of any other benefits paid to you. This can include Social Security benefits paid not only to you but to your dependents. It can include other government disability benefits such as Railroad Workers’...

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Can I collect Long Term Disability Benefits for Multiple Sclerosis?

Can I collect Long Term Disability Benefits for Multiple Sclerosis?While every long term/ERSIA disability policy is different, most polcies do cover multiple sclerosis if you can prove your are disabled from performing your own occupation.You will also probably be elgible for Social Security Disability benefits for your multiple sclerosis.If you have been denied long term disability or social security disability for multiple sclerosis, immediately contact Tampa Bay disability attorney Nancy Cavey. If you do not file your appeals timley, you can lose your rights to long term disability and Social Security.Answering these...

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Can I Refuse to Attend a Neuropsychological Exam Scheduled By My Long Term Disability Carrier?

Can I Refuse to Attend a Neuropsychological Exam Scheduled By My Long Term Disability Carrier?If a long-term disability carrier is scheduling you for a neuropsychological exam, I strongly suggest that you contact a long term attorney like Nancy Cavey immediately! Tampa Bay disability attorney Nancy Cavey is familiar with the neuropsychologists routinely used by long-term disability carriers to deny claim and the games the neuropsychologists will play during the examinatioin!We won’t ever refuse an exam, but there are a number of things that can be done to protect your interests. These include:(1)...

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If I am disabled and collecting long-term disability, will that impact my financial planning?

If I am disabled and collecting long-term disability, will that impact my financial planning?Absolutely! Your disability can impact your financial planning. Your savings can be depleted and you may have to ask family members for loans.At Cavey & Barrett we assist our Long-Term Disability/ERISA clients in dealing with the challenges they confront in the disability claims process.These questions include: (1) What are my benefits when I'm going to start working? (2) How do I file for Social Security? (3) Should I COBRA my health coverage? (4) Do I have alternative sources of healthcare?...

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Choosing a Social Security Disability Attorney in Your State | FL SSD Attorney

What: Should You Choose a Social Security Disability Attorney to Represent You in Your State?There are Social Security Disability hearings offices all throughout the state of Florida. We at Cavey and Barrett, handle Social Security Disability claims throughout the state. What is important is having a Social Security Disability attorney that understands the Social Security Disability system in the state you are filing for benefits in. That can make the difference between winning or not winning the Social Security Disability benefits and back benefits to which you are entitled. It doesn’t matter...

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