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One of the Reasons a Long Term Disability Carrier Can Deny Your Benefits Based on Your Facebook Account

Long term disability carriers will do anything they can to find a reason to deny your long term disability benefits.They will often have you fill out an activity of daily living form, asking you what you can and cannot do on a daily basis. The long term disability carrier will then check social networking sites to see if there is any inconsistencies between what you put on your activity of daily living form and what your postings shows.Anything that you’ve posted is going to end up in the hands of a long term disability carrier. Don’t destroy your long term...

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What’s a Concurrent Social Security Disability Application?

What’s a Concurrent Social Security Disability Application? Many times the Social Security Administration will take a Social Security Disability and SSI application. This is known as a “concurrent application”. It happens when a Social Security Disability applicant is covered and insured under Social Security Disability benefits but their projected Social Security Disability benefit amount is less that what you would get for SSI.A concurrent application is taken to make sure that you receive a certain minimum monthly benefit. If you have any questions about your concurrent Social Security Disability application, give us a call today to discuss your claim....

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The Two Ways to Submit a Winning Social Security Disability Application

You can apply for Social Security Disability benefits online or at the Social Security Disability office. Regardless of where you apply, there are two secrets to creating a Social Security Disability application.You should supply complete information about your medical treatment sources including their name and address.After your Social Security Disability claim is taken at the St. Petersburg Social Security Disability office, it is transferred and assigned to a disability examiner. The job of the examiner is to do:Request your medical records. Wait for your records to arrive. Read and evaluate those records. Render a decision on the claim.You medical records are key to...

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Did you know that Social Security Disability is also a form of government insurance?

Yes! Look at your pay check, you will see that there are withholdings called FICA. A FICA withholding is a form of payment that goes towards insuring you for Social Security Disability purposes.You have to have paid in twenty out of the last forty quarters to have earned enough “coverage” for the Social Security Disability claims process....

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If You Are Having Communication Problems with your Social Security Disability Attorney, It is time to Change Attorneys

Sharon Barrett, former staff Social Security Disability attorney in Tampa office, knows that communication with your attorney is crucial. If you are not getting updates from your Social Security Disability attorney or find it difficult to get information from your Tampa Bay Social Security Disability attorney, you should consider changing Social Security Disability attorneys.Please understand however, many Social Security Disability attorneys have full hearing schedules and sometimes they may get clogged up.Sharon Barrett, has a highly trained staff of Social Security Disability paralegals who can assist you with any questions that you may have about your Tampa Bay Social Security...

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Can a Long Term Disability Carrier in Florida Take my Social Security Disability Benefits that I Receive in a Lump Sum?

Can a Long Term Disability Carrier in Florida Take my Social Security Disability Benefits that I Receive in a Lump Sum? No! In Herman vs. Metropolitan Life Insurance Company (689 f supp 2d 1316 (MD Florida 2010)), Ms. Hermann did not have to pay back Metropolitan Life’s claimed lien resulting in her receipt of Social Security Disability benefits. Ms. Herman had “dissipated” or spent the long term disability benefits that had been paid in the past, she had no traceable funds in her possession. The only recovery that Metropolitan Life could potentially make was from Social Security benefits. However, by law,...

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Discitis and Your Rights to Social Security Disability Benefits

You may be entitled to Social Security Disability benefits if your doctors told you that you have something called discitis. Discitis is a low grade infection in the disc space between your vertebrae. Think of your spinal[caption id="" align="alignright" width="201" caption="Discitis Social Security Disability"][/caption]column as a stack of Oreo cookies, the cookie is the retrieval body and the cream is the disc.Unfortunately, you can develop a low grade infection of the disc which causes severe back pain and is often aggravated by any movement of the spine. This pain will travel to your abdomen, hip, leg and groin and it...

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What does the Social Security Administration consider a “disability” for the purposes of my Social Security Disability application?

What does the Social Security Administration consider a “disability” for the purposes of my Social Security Disability application? The Social Security Administration defines disability as a “physical, mental, medical condition that prevents an individual from working for more than 12 months”. Do you know that disability can be caused for Social Security purposes by an injury or even an illness. If your doctor told you that you will not be able to work for at least 12 months, you should apply for Social Security Disability benefits for more information about the Social Security Disability claim’s process, you can order a complimentary...

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FAQ: What is the Best Way to Apply for Social Security Disability Benefits?

Without a doubt, the best way to apply for Social Security Disability benefits is going to the website You can fill out the application and provide the Social Security Administration with medical information such as your diagnosis, medical test results and current medical condition.You can also apply for Social Security Disability benefits by calling 1-800-772-1213 to schedule an appointment, or fill out an application in person at your local Social Security Disability office.Regardless of which method you use to apply for Social Security Disability benefits, be prepared to have a list of your employers that you worked for the...

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