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Should I shop for Long Term Disability Policies?

Should I shop for Long Term Disability Policies?Absolutely. While your employer may offer you ERISA covered disability policies, there are numerous problems with these kinds of policies as I discuss in my free consumer guide Robbed of Your Peace of Mind.Through ERISA, you are entitled to 60% of your income. You can obtain a private disability policy that will make up the difference. There are six major insurance companies that offer disability policies and you can check them at:, or you have questions about which policy is right of you, call...

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Increase in Social Security Disability Claims in 2009

The Council for Disability Awareness of Portland, Maine has reported that a percentage of workers covered by Social Security Disability programs and who are getting benefits increased 4.8% in 2008. Additionally, the number of individuals who receive Long Term Disability benefits has increased by 1.5% in 2008.Because of the age of the United States workforce, the percentage of claims filed by workers over 50 have been increasing. If you are unable to work or are applying for Social Security or Long Term Disability benefits contact Long Term Disability ERISA claims attorney, Nancy...

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Has Your Long Term Disability Claim Been Denied Because of the Wrong Diagnosis?

Has Your Long Term Disability Claim Been Denied Because of the Wrong Diagnosis?Now I know that sounds silly, but Nancy Cavey, Florida based Long Term Disability Attorney, will routinely see claims for disability benefits based on the diagnosis of your treating physician insisting that you have a certain medical condition. The reviewing physician disagrees and applies a completely different diagnosis in evaluating whether of not you are disabled.If that happens, you need experienced Long Term Disability attorney Nancy Cavey. What can disability attorney Nancy Cavey do? First, and foremost, medical library research and...

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What Can I do to Speed my Social Security Disability Claim?

table.MsoNormalTable { font-size: 12pt; font-family: "Cambria","serif"; }If you haven’t filed a claim for Social Security Disability benefits, Sharon Barrett, former Social Security staff attorney, suggests that you do the following:1.      You can file your claim for disability by contacting your local Social Security disability office and setting up an appointment, or you can apply online.2.      Before you apply, make out a list of the doctors and medical facilities that you have been treated at together with the addressess of those who have treated you for your disability.3.      Contact your providers and ask...

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What Should I Look For in a Disability Insurance Policy?

What Should I Look For in a Disability Insurance Policy?40% of Americans age 45 to 65 will suffer a disability that lasts 90 days sometime during their working career according to the Health Insurance Association of America. Even if you are young and healthy, you can become disabled as a result of an injury through no fault of your own.Without coverage, an unexpected disability can leave you without income and even lead to the filing of bankruptcy.While buying a disability insurance policy probably is not at the top of your list of things...

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Is it unethical when a LTD carrier denies my claim for benefits based on a psychological paper review?

Is it unethical when a LTD carrier denies my claim for benefits based on a psychological paper review?Yes, the Principles of Medical Ethics, from the American Psychiatric Association section 7(3) says it is “unethical for a psychiatrist to offer a professional opinion about a specific individual unless he has conducted an examination.” If your claim has been denied based on a psychological paper review we strongly suggests you consider an appeal.For example, the court in Shehann vs. Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, 368F.supp.2nd 228(S.d.n.y. 2005), explained “The Court discounts the opinions of psychiatrist who...

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What is Medicare?

Medicare is a program run by the center for Medicare and Medicaid services that helps pay for inpatient hospital care, nursing care, doctors charges, prescription drugs and other medical services and supplies for people who are older than 65. It also applies to people who have received Social Security Disability benefits for two years or more.For more information about your Medicare, you can visit or call 1-800-633-4227....

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What is Short Term Disability Insurance?

What is Short Term Disability Insurance?Short Term Disability Insurance covers the costs of doing an early period of disability that can be as short as two weeks or up to two years. There is an elimination or waiting period for short-term disability insurance, which is as little zero to fourteen days depending on the nature of your disability.If you have questions about what short-term disability insurance is or the terms of your coverage contact short-term disability insurance denied attorney Nancy Cavey at 727-894-3188...

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Do I Really Need a Private Disability Insurance Policy if I have a policy through work?

Do I Really Need a Private Disability Insurance Policy if I have a policy through work?ERISA Long Term Disability lawyer Nancy Cavey says yes. Many disability insurance policies provided by your employer only provide you with 60% of your salary with a maximum of $5,000-$10,000 in benefits.However, these benefits are taxable and you will get less than the 60% that you are used to.Can you and your family survive on 60% or less of your current income? Probably not. Private disability insurance attorney Nancy Cavey suggests that you buy a supplemental private...

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