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I’ve Just Gotten Notice that My Video is going to be Held by Video Conferencing: Do I Want to Do This?

table.MsoNormalTable { font-size: 11pt; font-family: "Cambria","serif"; }Sharon Barrett, former Social Security Administration staff attorney, suggests that your case be heard in person by a judge in your home state and jurisdiction. That may result in some delay. At Cavey and Barrett we know that you have been waiting for quite some time to have your case heard by an administrative law judge. Nonetheless Sharon Barrett, a former Social Security Disability attorney, knows all the problems that can occur when you have hearing by video conferencing.It is Sharon Barrett’s experience that non-live hearings...

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I Have Applied for Social Security Disability Benefits: When Should I Hear Back from the Social Security Administration?

If you have applied for Social Security Disability benefits, your claim is going to be sent to the state disability agency to make a medical determination about your entitlement to Social Security benefits. If your disability claim has been denied you such expect to receive a denial within 60 days.If you have applied for Social Security Disability benefits and have not heard from the Social Security Administration within 60 days, immediately contact your local Social Security Disability office....

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Lupus and Your Social Security Disability Claim | Social Security Disability Lawyer

What: Lupus Disease Who: Social Security Disability ApplicantsOver 1.5 million Americans suffer from Lupus, which is a complex autoimmune disease. The body’s own defense system, the immune system, plots an aggressive attack on healthy tissues and organs including joints, heart, lungs, kidneys, skin and blood. This causes inflammation, pain, and a feeling that you have the flu all the time.Lupus symptoms can be flared by simple things such as being exposed to sunlight, smoking, hormonal changes or even stress. If you suffer from fatigue or joint pain, you might be suffering from Lupus and be...

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Do I have to pay income-tax on the long-term disability payments I receive?

Do I have to pay income-tax on the long-term disability payments I receive?The answer is yes If you are receiving long-term disability payments from an insurance plan that is paid by your employer.Typically, if you have paid your premiums, you only have to report to the IRS the amount you receive due to your employer's payment. At the Law Office of Cavey & Barrett, we can walk you through the process of achieving your Long Term Disability benefits. ...

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Is there a Good Book on Long Term Disability Policies for Florida Long Term Disability Policy Holders that You Would Recommend?

Is there a Good Book on Long Term Disability Policies for Florida Long Term Disability Policy Holders that You Would Recommend?Nancy Cavey, a Long Term Disability ERISA lawyer who practices in Florida, has written two free consumer guides. Robbed of Your Peace of Mind and The Smart Long Term Disability Consumer Guide For Preparing Your Statement and Field Visit, to help you understand terms you don't want to see in your insurance policy and the games that Long Term Disability carriers play in denying your claim.To get your FREE copies today, simply...

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Should I shop for Long Term Disability Policies?

Should I shop for Long Term Disability Policies?Absolutely. While your employer may offer you ERISA covered disability policies, there are numerous problems with these kinds of policies as I discuss in my free consumer guide Robbed of Your Peace of Mind.Through ERISA, you are entitled to 60% of your income. You can obtain a private disability policy that will make up the difference. There are six major insurance companies that offer disability policies and you can check them at:, or you have questions about which policy is right of you, call...

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Increase in Social Security Disability Claims in 2009

The Council for Disability Awareness of Portland, Maine has reported that a percentage of workers covered by Social Security Disability programs and who are getting benefits increased 4.8% in 2008. Additionally, the number of individuals who receive Long Term Disability benefits has increased by 1.5% in 2008.Because of the age of the United States workforce, the percentage of claims filed by workers over 50 have been increasing. If you are unable to work or are applying for Social Security or Long Term Disability benefits contact Long Term Disability ERISA claims attorney, Nancy...

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Has Your Long Term Disability Claim Been Denied Because of the Wrong Diagnosis?

Has Your Long Term Disability Claim Been Denied Because of the Wrong Diagnosis?Now I know that sounds silly, but Nancy Cavey, Florida based Long Term Disability Attorney, will routinely see claims for disability benefits based on the diagnosis of your treating physician insisting that you have a certain medical condition. The reviewing physician disagrees and applies a completely different diagnosis in evaluating whether of not you are disabled.If that happens, you need experienced Long Term Disability attorney Nancy Cavey. What can disability attorney Nancy Cavey do? First, and foremost, medical library research and...

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