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Cancer is Top Cause of UNUM’s Disability Claims | Orlando Disability Insurance Attorney

Unum has issued an annual review of the leading causes of the 400,000 short and long term disability claims it got in 2007.According to the review, the leading cause of short term disabilty claims is a normal pregnancy which caused 21% percent of the disability claims. That is understandable! 10% of the claims where due to non- back related injuries, 7% due to digestive or intestinal disease and 6% were due to back injuries.The leading cause of long term disability claims, based on a disability database that tracks 25 million covered individuals and...

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What is an ERISA Disability Attorney?

Most Long Term Disability policyholders have bought their Long Term Disability policy through their employer. The employer Retirement Income Security Act usually governs these types of policies unless it is church based or municipal plant based.The ERISA law, unfortunately, is a maze for the uninitiated.You can submit your initial application for benefits together with supporting documentation including medical records. Most people naively expect that the Long Term Disability carrier will immediately begin the payment of benefits because, after all, their treating physician has said they are unable to work.Unfortunately, the reality is...

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Has Hartford Targeted Your Long Term Disability Claim For Termination | Tampa Bay Disability Insurance Lawyer

Unfortunately, it seems that some long term disability carriers are targeting certain long term disability cases for denial.Hartford has a GRP division that buys long term disability claims from other carriers and then targets the claims for denial.Based on what I am seeing in my practice, Hartford is also trying to target claims on the psychiatric limitation of benefits clauses that limit the payment of long term disability benefits for psychiatric conditions to two years. Hartford will have a physician review the case and determine that, while the person has physical problems, the real problem...

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Protect Yourself from Surveillance By the Long Term Disability Carrier | Hillsborough and Pinellas County Disability Insurance Lawyer

Is there a strange van down the street? Are you being followed? Are you getting calls and when you answer, the person on the other line hangs up?If is is happening to you, the long term disability carrier just might have surveillance on you to see if you are doing something you said in your activity of daily living forms you could not do! Or they just might be checking up on you.How can you protect yourself? Simple! Call the police and report this activity everytime it happens.If you are driving in your car...

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Shocking UNUM Reversal Rate of 41.7% | Tampa Disability Insurance Attorney

UNUM entered into a Multi-State Agreement that required UNUM to reassess claims that wer denied using the wrong claims standards.The Claim Reassessment Process was completed in December, 2007, with results as follows: * 41.7% of the total claims reassessed (involving 9,672 claims) were reversed in whole or in part, resulting in a cumulative total of approximately $676.2 million of additional benefits either paid immediately or reserved for future payments; * 45.1% of LTD claims reassessed (involving 8,911 claimants) were reversed in whole or in part, resulting in a cumulative total of approximately $558.6 million of additional benefits either paid immediately or reserved for future payments; * 22.1% of IDI claims reassessed...

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UNUM’s 2008 Profits Come at the Expense of Long-Term Disability Policy Holder’s Piece of Mind | Clearwater ERISA Disability Attorney

UNUM's 2008 Third Quarter Profits  are in! UNUM reported a "net income of $108.00 million in the third quarter of 2008 compared to a net income of $187.00  million in the third quarter of 2007". Mr. Thomas R. Watjen, president and CEO, commented in an article found at that he was "pleased with our operating results and the quality of our balance sheet . . ."UNUM's profits coming at the expense of UNUM LTD Policy Holder's peace of mind. UNUM is robbing their long term disability policy holders by denying  valid long term disability...

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Can the Long Term Disability Carrier Force You to Use A Social Security Disability Claims Service They Recommend Like Allsup? | Clearwater ERISA Disability Attorney

Many long-term disability insurance policies require you to apply for Social Security disability benefits, and will offer the services of companies like Allsup, Occudanta, Advantage 2000, Disability Services, Inc. to help you with your Social Disability Claim. Should you use these companies?As an experienced long-term disability/ERISA and Social Security disability Attorney. My answer is unequivocally "No"!In fact, UNUM was convicted on making LTD applicants apply for Social Security disability even if the applicant was not entitled to or qualified or eligible for Social Security disability.Of course, some may think my answer is based on...

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Do My Doctor’s Records Make A Big Difference?

Insurance companies have a good ol’ boy network of doctors that cherry pick your doctor's medical records in favor of the disability insurance company.This good old boy network reports only what the disability insurance company wants to hear to the disability carrier such as Liberty Mutual, Reliance, MetLife, Hartford or CIGNA deny your Long Term Disability claim.Your doctor's records do make a big difference in the insurance company review process. Tampa Bay disability attorney Nancy Cavey has an educational video explaining to you why your doctor's records make a big

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