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Nancy Cavey’s Story

When I was in junior high school my father became chronically ill and was diagnosed with leukemia but our family insurance brokerage of Goldman & Mary and my father had a private disability insurance policy with USF & Jean. By the time I was a senior in high school my father was unable to work, he was excellent father, hardworking and honest man. He was also an excellent businessperson who thought of his family first even in the case of illness that prohibited him from working. My father’s illness and retirement was a drastic change in our lifestyle. He applied for and was granted Social Security Disability and collected long term disability benefits.

I remember his monthly trips to his treating physician to have him fill out his disability forms and my mother was concerned that USF & Jean would stop paying the long term disability benefits my father was owed.

My father illness shaped who and what I am in the development of my life’s mission. I have devoted my professional and personal life to helping injured and disabled secure Social Security Disability and long term disability benefits.

I have helped thousands of people and their families.

I have passion about helping people obtain the disability benefits that they are entitled to. Our motive is really that simple.

I have written a book called Robbed of Your Peace of Mind to give short and long term disability applicants guidance that my parents didn’t have when they went through this family crisis.

I’ve also written a second book called Mistakes (Book about Statements). I cannot offer any magical solutions but I can give families in the Tampa, St. Petersburg area information about short and long term disability issues.

Please join us in our efforts to help educate individuals and families. I am offering this collection of complimentary resources that are available for you to use and you to distribute to your clients who may be in need.

I would like to express our deep appreciation for your support by providing these books.

Nancy Cavey

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