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The Truth About Getting Long Term Disability Benefits for Prostate Cancer

If you are suffering from prostate cancer that has resulted in you being unable to work and your claim for long term disability benefits has been denied, you should consult with a prostate cancer long term disability attorney.Many long term disability carriers will initially pay disability benefits for prostate cancer but, post-operatively, terminate their benefits on the basis that you are now able to return to work. Unfortunately, there can be many complications from prostate cancer and including problems with the side effects of radiation or medication. Those side effects alone can be the basis of continuing long term disability...

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How Asthma May Increase Your Risk of Diabetes and Heart Disease

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="282" caption="You May be entitled to long term disability benefits if you suffer from asthma."][/caption]Have you read the recent report from Doctors’ Lounge? Having asthma may increase a persons chances of developing diabetes and heart disease. Researchers were stunned to find a connection between asthma, diabetes and heart disease. They are not sure of the connection and obviously further research is going to be required to learn more about this connection. But, the bottom line, is that if you suffer from asthma, diabetes or heart disease and your physician has told you that you are unable to...

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Insider Secrets About Long Term Disability Carriers Estimate Your Life Expectancy in Determining How Much to Offer You in a Buyout

If you’ve been receiving long term disability benefits during an any occupation period, a long term disability carrier might approach you about “buy out”. They are, in other words, offering to buy out your policy by offering you a lump sum of your benefits, reduced to the present value and based on your life expectancy.Long term disability carriers have accuracies who do nothing but crunch numbers about a persons life expectancy.These factors will include:Your family and medical history. Your blood pressure Age Weight Gender Diet Alcohol use Drug use Smoking use Medical condition The extent and nature of the treatment that you’ve receive for the medical treatment. The interaction of the...

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If You Are a Floridian who suffers from diabetes, You might be Entitled to Long Term Disability Benefits

According to report from US News, the southeastern United States has the highest rate of diabetes. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), parts of Florida have a high incidence of diabetes.Unfortunately, if you’ve been diagnosed with diabetes, you may also suffer from complications such as tingling or numbness of your toes or hands or the loss of sensation in your extremities. You might have diabetic neuropathy or your diabetes may have impacted other organs.Diabetes and it’s complications may have led your doctor to tell you that you are no longer able to work.If you have purchased...

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The Secret to Getting Your Long Term Disability Benefits as a Result of Hearing Loss

Hearing loss has many causes, these can include:Heart disease Family history of hearing loss Working in a noisy environmentHearing loss effects more than just your ability to hear, it can limit your inability to interact with family friends and co-workers. If you have a long term disability policy and suffer hearing loss, you should apply for disability benefits. While it’s not uncommon for disability carriers to provide benefits while you are going through a treatment, including cochlear implants, don’t be surprised if the long term disability carrier denies benefits after your cochlear implant on the basis that you will be able to...

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Your Chances of Suffering a Heart Attack from Working Long Hours

A recent report from CNN Health reveals that in a new study, working longer hours can increase a persons chance of suffering a heart attack. This study found that those who work 11 hours or more each day had an increased risk of suffering a heart attack or dying of heart disease by as much as 67%.Those who work 10 to 11 a day have a 45% increased risk compared to an American worker who works the typical 7 to 8 hour workday.If you have had a heart attack and are a long term disability policy holder, you may be...

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What’s an elimination period in a long term disability policies?

What’s an elimination period in a long term disability policies? An elimination period is the amount of time you have to wait before you benefits kick in.Did you know that the typical elimination or waiting period for most long term disability policies in 90 days.That means that you better have an emergency fund that will tide you over so that you will be able to pay your bills and maintain your lifestyle during this elimination period.Need help with your Elimination period in your Long Term disability claim? Contact us today for more information on your options with your policy. 727-894-3188. ...

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Is Your Financial Future Vulnerable Because You Bought the Wrong Long Term Disability Policy

Many physicians, lawyers and accountants think that because they have a group long term disability policy through their employer, they don’t need to have an individual disability policy. That’s a big mistake that can jeopardize your financial future because:Most group long term disability policies cover 60% of base income and, have a monthly benefit cap.So, for example, you receive a great end of the year bonus, that bonus won’t be included in calculating your benefits. Worse yet, can you live off of 60% of your base income where your long term disability benefit is taxable.It is possible that an individual...

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How Much Long Term Disability Coverage Should I Have?

How Much Long Term Disability Coverage Should I Have? The starting point for determining the amount of long term disability coverage that you should have is based on how much it would cost to maintain your families current standard of living. So, if your monthly budget is $3,000 per month, you want to have at least $3,000 in long term disability coverage so that you can maintain your families lifestyle if you become disabled.Have a question about your Long Term Disability policy or coverage? Give us a call today at 727-894-3188....

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Who Is Watching Your Child Infographic

Below you will find a cool infographic about how daycare type businesses deal with watching your kids from Arizona Personal Injury Lawyer Alexis and Mark Breyer of the Breyer Law Offices. It takes a very scary concept it makes it easier to understand. With back to school approaching, make sure you know who is watching your kids. Breyer Law Asks: Who Is Watching Your Kid? Click Here for More...

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