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I’m 58 years old, am I old for Social Security Disability claim’s purposes?

Well, the answer is yes. The Social Security Disability claim’s evaluation process using something called the grids, which are a medical and vocational framework for determining based on age, education and transferable skills whether someone is entitled to Social Security Disability benefits.If you look that the grids, you will find that people who are 50 years or over, find it easier to meet the grid listing than those who are under 50. Why? Well, you know the saying: it’s hard to teach old dogs new tricks. The reasoning behind the grids is because it is harder to transfer one’s work...

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Guardian Life Insurance Has New Senior Vice President

According to, "Guardian Life Insurance Company of America has appointed Dong Ahn as new senior vice president to lead group benefits business.Ahn will play an integral role in continuing Guardian's non-medical growth and play a key role in advancing the company's group insurance strategy.He will join Guardian with over 20 years of experience in the insurance industry, most recently leading Aetna's group insurance division, where he was responsible for the group insurance division consisting of group life, disability and long term care business."Dong Ahn was formerly apart of Hartford Life Insurance.We represent claims of denied  claims against Guardian Life Insurance....

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Florida Social Security Disability Backlog Skyrockets

Unfortunately, Florida’s economy has made it difficult for many employers to keep on their payroll employees who have physical problems. They simply can’t afford to continue accommodating people that may have problems with their back, or other medical conditions that limit their ability to function in the workplace.As a result, there has been a significant increase in the number of Social Security Disability claims in Florida. The Social Security Administration statistics show that 149,044 initial disability claims were filed in Florida in 2007. Even more shocking is that by 2009, the number had increased to 197,960 claims. Applications for Social...

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The Long-term Disability Carrier is trying to talk with my treating physician behind my back. What should I do?

Unfortunately, it's not uncommon for the long-term disability insurance company to use the medical release which you signed to communicate directly with your treating physicians without notice to you. They will also tell your treating physician their version of your medical condition and your policy terms in an attempt to get the physician to release you to some form of employment.In the case of Safon v. Wells Fargo & Company, Long-term Disability Plan, 522 F.3d 863 (9th Cir. 2008), The court noted that the ERISA regulations call for a "meaningful dialogue" between the claims administrator and the beneficiary. The court...

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If You Don’t Understand Your Rights to Social Security Disability Benefits as a Result of Obesity, You Will Hate Yourself Later

Did you know that obesity is linked to many health problems such as diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, stroke and cancer?Did you know that one in five adults is obese and suffers from at least one chronic medical condition as a result of that added weight?If you suffer from diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, or cancer you may entitled to Social Security Disability benefits if your physician tells you that you are unable to work. We specialize in Social Security Disability claims and obesity, give us a call today at 727-894-3188....

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Breast Cancer and Your Rights to Social Security Disability Benefits

We were all recently moved by Elizabeth Edwards posting before her untimely death that was a result of breast cancer.If you have been recently diagnosed as having breast cancer, you may not be able to continue with your normal work activities. If your physician believes that you will be out of work for at least a year, you should immediately apply for Social Security Disability benefits.Facing the diagnosis of breast cancer can be devastating and your attention is, rightfully, focused on getting the right treatment for you. However, it is important that you also apply for Social Security Disability benefits...

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USA Today Reports Yoga Improves Symptoms of Fibromyalgia

A study of women who suffer from fibromyalgia reveals that women who took a yoga class that met once a week for eight weeks reported that the two hour yoga class resulted in:Decreased pain Decreased fatigue Decreased tenderness Improved Anxiety Better sleep Beet moodIf you are a fibromyalgia sufferer you might consider enrolling in a yoga class.Cavey and Barrett specialize in representing fibromyalgia sufferers in their Long Term Disability claim. Contact us today for more information about your fibromyalgia claim....

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What is Past Relevant Work in A Social Security Disability Claim?

Past relevant work and your Social Security Disability claim. Past relevant work is a term of art in the Social Security Disability world. What it means is that the work that you have done for the fifteen years prior to your application. If you can return to the lightest job you have held in the last fifteen years, your Social Security Disability claim will be denied! See how easily you can screw up your Social Security Disability application.You can make many mistakes in the initial Social Security Disability application but one of the most crucial involves your responses to questions...

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Best Social Security Disability Advocates in The Tampa Bay Area

There are many disability advocates and representative throughout the United States, but some have labeled themselves “Best Social Security Disability advocates” like Binder and Binder. Did you know however, that many Social Security Disability attorneys are not legally allowed to make that post because Bar Associations prevent them from describing themselves as “the best” or “aggressive” or even give statistics about their winning numbers. Companies like Binder and Binder, are Social Security Disability representatives, they are not attorneys! They are allowed to say whatever they want to say about their skills and abilities and aren’t subject to regulation like Social...

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