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Johnny Boykins Has Helped Social Security Disability Applicants in the Tampa Bay Area

Johnny Boykins smile and laugh are infectious. He has mastered the Social Security Disability claim’s process while working with Tampa Bay Social Security Disability Attorney Sharon Barrett.Johnny’s thoroughly familiar with the compassionate allowance program which helps individuals with certain medical conditions be fast tracked in the Social Security Disability claim’s process.Did you know that accelerated benefits were approved for 45,000 people in 2010 for compassionate allowances.Johnny Boykins, who served in the Coast Guard Reserve, says that it’s about “commitment to public service”.If you or a family member suffers from a disabling condition or disease contact Johnny Boykins at Cavey and...

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Do Social Security Disability Benefits Discourage Disabled Americans from Working?

The Social Security Disability Insurance program is intended to provide those disabled Americans who meet the Social Security’s five step sequential evaluation who have both lost income and medical care.Some have a concern that SSDI may be a disincentive for those that are willing to work.Nicole Mates and Cathleen J. Mullen of Rand Corporation offered to study “do disability benefits discourage work”.The authors looked at Social Security Disability applications between 2005 and 2006 and found that:“Those who are receiving the margin of allowance for SSDI benefits are strongly discouraged from returning to work if they are awarded benefits. Those who are...

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What Every Woman Should Know About the Symptoms of Ovarian Cancer

The symptoms of ovarian cancer in the early stages are not often acute or intense. In most cases, ovarian cancer isn’t detected during a routine pelvic exam unless the doctor knows that the ovaries are enlarged. Potential symptoms of ovarian cancer can include:Bloating Pelvic abdominal pain Trouble eating or feeling full quickly Feeling the need to urinate urgently Fatigue Upset stomach or heartburn Back pain Pain during sexUnfortunately, the PAP Test won’t detect ovarian cancer as it is only used to detect cancer of the cervix.Screening tests can include:Pelvic exam Transvaginal Sonography C1025 TestIf you have been diagnosed...

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The Truth About Social Security Disability Judges

There are over 1,500 Administrative Law Judges in the Social Security Administration that hear Social Security Disability appeals. There is a huge backlog of cases.Unfortunately, there are judges at both ends of the spectrum.Some judges award disability benefits more than 85% of the time, while there are other judges that deny benefits 80% of the time.On average, judge’s award benefits to roughly 60% of their decisions.While a criminal investigation has been launched on the former ALJ David B. Daughtery in Huntington, Virginia who awarded benefits in every case he saw in the first six months of 2011, that’s the exception...

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Americans with Cancer, Heart Disease, Stroke, Diabetes and Chronic Lung Disease are Vulnerable to Medicaid Cuts

State specific reports released on September 14, 2011 indicate that millions of Americans in California, Illinois, New York and Texas could lose their doctor’s, medication and treatment because of Medicaid cuts. This report was released jointly by the American Cancer Society, Cancer Action Network, American Diabetes Association, American Wellness Association and Families USA.There are 18 additional state specific reports including a report about Florida. You can check these out at to learn how Medicaid cuts may impact Florida Social Security Disability recipients.Cutting off Medicaid recipients from treatment, prescriptions and physicians is “counter to everything that we hope to accomplish”...

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Times Are Tough by Social Security Disability Benefits are Rising

For the first time since 2009, Social Security Disability recipients will get a cost of living adjustment known as a COLA of 3.6%. But, Medicare can eat up that increase. If you are enrolled in Medicare, your insurance premium has been deduced from your Social Security checks. Medicare premiums will be determined by Medicare in November 2011.This increase may not mean that you are getting ahead, but it may just keep you from falling further behind. We realize that getting benefits is an important benefit of getting your Social Security Disability benefits. If your Social Security Disability claim has been...

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Federal Suit Filed on Accusing Social Security Judges of Bias

Your Social Security Disability claim may ultimately be decided by an Administrative Law Judge. National statistics show that over 60% of Social Security Disability claims are awarded after a Social Security Disability hearing before an Administrative Law Judge. But, there are some biased judges and in April 2011, a Federal Suit was filed in the Eastern District of New York accusing Federal Administrative Law Judge’s of erecting a “brick wall” of bias denying legitimate Social Security Disability claims.An independent think tank at Syracuse University released an office by office study of close to 2 million benefit determinations that suggest that...

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Social Security Judges Ordered to Stop Deciding Disability Cases So that Managers Can Get Bonuses

According to the Wall Street Journal, the Social Security Administration ordered judges to stop deciding disability cases so that the managers could get bonuses. As the article explains, the federal fiscal year can only have 52 weeks. Because the calendar year is a day and a quarter longer than that, every five or six years, there is a “orphan week” so, the purposes of an incentive program was put in place to speed the resolution of cases to have everything done before that week because that week doesn’t count toward their numerical targets.Social Security Disability applicants can wait years to...

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Times Are Tough but Newt Gingrich Thinks that the Uninsured Should Get Health Care Through Charity

Times are tough in America because of our difficult economic condition and many Americans rely on the safety net of the Social Security Disability benefits and Medicare.In an interview with Wolf Blitzer on September 13, 2011, Newt Gingrich said that “uninsured Americans should receive health care through charity organizations and ‘free clinics’ rather than government sponsored programs.”[caption id="" align="alignright" width="188" caption="Picture from"][/caption]Politicians need to remember that Medicare isn’t charity and if you have paid into the Social Security Disability system and you are disabled, you have the legal right to get Social Security Disability benefits and Medicare.The Social Security...

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Bad News for Social Security Disability Applicants Who Have Been Denied Their Benefits

The Social Security Administration has made it tougher for Social Security Disability applicants who have denied to get their Social Security Disability benefits while their denial is being appealed.Social Security has enacted SSR 11-1p which changes Social Security’s policy that allowed an applicant that was denied to file a new claim while the denial was appealed.You are going to have to chose between continuing with the administrative appeal or filing a new application, you can’t do both.That’s bad for disability applicants who have been denied because you have to wait out the appeal process. That means that you are going...

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