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Long Term Disability and the Receipt of Social Security Benefits

If you’ve purchased your Long Term Disability policy through your employer you will most likely find: 1. Any Social Security Disability benefits received will be subtracted from your Long Term Disability benefits and, 2. You have you “repay” the Long Term Disability carrier any lump sum that you’ve received for past-due Social Security Disability benefits. How does this work? Let’s say that you have applied for and received Long Term Disability benefits in the amount of $2500 per month....

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Disability Policies and the Term “Occupation”

Let me give you an example, pull out your disability policy and take a close look at it. Does it define “occupation”? Does the “occupation” refer to only the job you held at the time your disabled? Does it mean the “inability to engage in your occupation” at the time of your disabling condition? Or should it be interpreted to include any work requiring similar skills or producing a similar end point? This very issue was raised in the case of Berkshire Life Insurance Co vs. Bruce Adelberg, in a private disability policy which was heard by the Supreme Court of...

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Common Myths: What the long term disability companies don’t want you to know about your disability claim.

Long term disability carriers spend a lot of money advertising on the TV. I am sure you have seen advertisements for Liberty Mutual, The Hartford, CIGNA and other carriers claiming how they will be there for you in your time of need when you are unable to work. These insurance companies have used the media to spread a number of myths about disability insurance coverage. Why? To collect your premium! Long Term Disability carriers are in the business of collecting premiums not paying benefits. Then, in your time of need they betray your trust, they send you correspondence asking you to...

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Newsletter: Ending Carrier Harassment

Are you tired of getting calls from the long term disability carrier asking you all sorts of questions about your medical care, what you do around the house, when you think you’ll be able to work? Have the neighbors told you that an investigator has come around asking questions or have you seen strange vehicle in the neighborhood following you? It’s time that you understand your rights! With one call to Cavey and Barrett you can schedule an appointment and set you self free of threatening letters to you, free of threatening, harassing letters to your doctors, free of fear of...

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Don’t Delay, Call to Action!

If you are having financial problems because you are not getting the disability benefits you deserve, don’t delay in getting professional help. With long term disability claims, the more you wait the worse it can get. The long term disability carrier stalls, asks you for more information, harasses your doctors all the while you are in pain, unable to work and have bills piling up. Another month of waiting, another month of going further into debt while waiting for the long term disability carrier to make a decision. Why live another month under the gun? Take action! Call now and find...

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Our Congratulations Letter for the Welcome Package for New Clients

When you become our client, we will mail you an information packet with a letter that will go a little something like this: Congratulations, you’ve made the right decision to hire Cavey and Barrett to help you with your long term disability claim. It wasn’t easy, but you’ve seen the light! You’ve taken the first and most difficult step, you’ve found the courage to come in and face the long term disability carrier to get the disability benefits you and your family deserve. Cavey and Barrett are your trusted and respected guides for you and your family on the way to getting...

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Are You the Star in a Long Term Disability Movie? How Long Term Disability Carrier’s Use Surveillance to Sabotage Your Case

Video surveillance, under the right circumstances, can provide an overwhelming reason for the Long Term Disability carrier to deny your Long Term Disability claim. It can also capture a mere snapshot in your life and fail to reveal the complete picture of your disability. For example, surveillance may show you at a family gathering, but not show the resulting excruciating pain and misery you suffer for days after. Long Term Disability carriers use surveillance to document what you do during your day, including the activities of daily living like running...

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Activities of Daily Living Form

The Long Term Disability carrier has asked you to complete an Activities of Daily Living form in which you are asked to document what you are physically capable of doing. In that form, or even in a statement, you might tell the Long Term Disability insurance company that you “always use a cane” or that you always “limp.” If surveillance shows that you are walking without a cane or without a limp you are in trouble! While walking without a cane or a limp doesn’t mean you can work, it does destroy your credibility....

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Are Long Term Disability Policies Purchased Through My Medical Society Covered Under ERISA?

Nancy Cavey, ERISA Long Term Disability attorney who practices nation wide, knows that groups like dental hygienists or doctors are professional organizations who may offer disability policies to their members. Questions do arise about whether or not a disability policy offered through a professional association that offers a group discount are individual policies not subject to ERISA. Whether or not your disability policy purchased through a professional association is subject to ERISA is a legal question that does require close analysis. If you are thinking about purchasing such a policy, consider consulting Nancy Cavey to assist you and determine whether or...

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