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Tactics Used to Delay or Deny Long Term Disability Claims

At The Law Offices of Nancy L. Cavey we represent claimants against disability insurance companies at all stages of the disability process. Long term disability insurance companies use a number of tactics to deny or to delay claims. These include:

1.     Failing to explain to you all your rights under your disability policy.

2.     Making endless requests for employment, medical or other documentation or information.

3.     Failing to tell you about the appropriate deadlines, which, if ignored, can result in the loss of your benefits.

4.     Using in house medical or vocational evaluators to cherry pick your medical or vocational records as a reason to deny or delay your claim.

5.     Purposely twisting the information in your medical records to argue that there is no objective basis of your diagnosis, no objective basis for your disability, and no causal relationship between your inability to do your job duties and your medical conditions.

6.     Purposely using in house reviews to review the supplementary information you might submit, without providing you with the final opportunity to respond to any self-serving comments or conclusions that the carriers in house peer review providers reach.

7.     Misinterpreting unclear language in the policy to their benefit.
If you are experiencing any of these problems with your long term disability carrier, and your benefits are being delayed or denied contact The Law Offices of Nancy L. Cavey. Most disability claimants have little or no knowledge about the disability claims process or applicable law. Disability carriers spend millions of dollars to train claims examiners, investigators and others in claims delay and denial techniques.

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