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Dan Hall

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Early in my working career I was fortunate enough to open a clothing boutique in Washington, D.C.  After selling my business I moved to Chicago to take over a clothing boutique located there.  Through my networking for the boutique I was able to meet someone who introduced me into the law firm environment.

Since my college studies were primarily in data processing I was hired at a prestigious law firm as their telecommunications manager and completely automated the 72-attorney firm with the first desktop computers available.  I also conducted classes teaching the attorneys and support staff software for word processing.  After 6 years in their employ I relocated back to Florida by making a parallel move to another large law firm.

At the law firm in Orlando I was once again the telecommunications manager and was sent to Atlanta to study in the Northern Telecom environment.  Upon my completion I returned to Florida and installed a new telephone system for 70 attorneys and their support staff programming their phones in the PBX system.

In 1990 my father’s health was declining so I decided to make a change in my career.  I wanted to be able to spend more time with Dad before his passing after 19 years of struggling with leukemia.  In order to have flexible time my new career was too become a Realtor and I continued on that path for 21 years.

When the market took a down turn I decided to return to the legal environment and have been employed by Nancy L. Cavey Law Office as a Long Term Disability Paralegal.  I find my work extremely rewarding helping disabled people get their much deserved disability benefits.  After having grown up in a family with a disabled father and seeing my father struggle with his long term disability insurance company I decided I needed to become involved in that environment helping other disabled persons receive their benefits.

I am an avid reader and spend many hours of my weekend reading at the beach.  Early in life I became interested in world history and enjoy reading publications regarding early Greek and Roman civilizations.