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How to File a Request for Reconsideration of Your Denied Social Security Disability Clam?

social security reconsideration request

The Social Security Administration doesn’t make it easy for those who are disabled to get the Social Security Disability benefits that they deserve. You may have received a notice from the Social Security Administration denying your initial application for benefits that includes information on how to appeal a decision. You must appeal the writing within 60 days on the date that you receive the notice.

Starting the Appeal. You can begin your appeal in several ways:

1. You can call your local Social Security field office and tell them you want to appeal the decision denying your benefits. They will send you the paper work to complete and tell you where to mail it once you fill it out.
2. You can complete the request for reconsideration and adult disability function form and return it to the Social Security Administration by mail, certified mail return receipt requested.

How long does it take to get a decision on the request for reconsideration? Your initial application was decided by the Disability Determinations Services (DDS) and, unfortunately, the request for reconsideration goes back to that same state agency that denied you initially. Your case will be reviewed by a medical consultant and examined at DDS and you will probably get a decision within 21 to 60 days.

Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for request for reconsiderations to be denied! Don’t give up. The denial letter of a request for reconsideration will tell you that you have the right to request a hearing in front of the Administrative Law Judge. You will have 60 days in which to file that request or, otherwise, you will have start all over.

Getting representation for filing your request for reconsideration. While some people handle their own Social Security Disability appeal, over 80% of claimants use a representative or disability attorney when they appeal their request for reconsideration or a request for a hearing. If it was ever a time to get an attorney, it’s now!

Finding the right Social Security Disability attorney for you

It’s important that you find the Social Security Disability attorney that has experience with the kind of medical problems that cause your inability to work and an attorney who has many years of experience in handling Social Security Disability cases. You don’t want to take a chance on a young, inexperienced attorney who knows nothing about the Social Security Disability claim’s process.

Getting help from Nancy Cavey

Tampa Bay Social Security Disability attorney Nancy Cavey has written the go to guide about the Social Security Disability claims process Your Rights to Social Security Disability Benefits. She wants you to learn about the Social Security Disability claim’s processes so that you learn why it’s so important to have an attorney represent you in one of the most important claims that you can make in your life.

You can contact the Law Offices of Nancy Cavey at (727) 894-3188 to schedule a complimentary 30 minute consultation.

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