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Eating Your Wheaties Can Reduce Your Risk of Hypertension

Has your doctor diagnosed you with a cardiovascular condition and told you that you are unable to work? If you purchased a disability plan from a private insurer or have coverage through an employer, you may be entitled tohyptertension disability claims long term disability benefits to help off set your lost income.

Did you know that CNN health reports that eating whole grain cereals can reduce a person’s risk of developing hypertension? According to the American Health Association, an individuals risk of developing hypertension (high blood pressure) can be reduced as much as 20% by eating whole grain cereals.

The whole grain cereal has greater benefits than cereals made with refined grains because important nutrients are removed in the manufacturing process.

There are factors that can lead to hypertension or worsen that condition including: stress; too much salt; obesity; and a sedentary life style.

Unfortunately, long term disability carriers don’t make it easy for those disabled as a result of hypertension or cardiovascular conditions to get the benefits that they deserve. If you have a medical condition that makes it impossible for you to work and you have been denied your long term disability benefits, long term disability attorney Nancy Cavey can help you cut through the red tape and fight for your benefits no matter where you live in the United States 727.894.3188.

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