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Tampa Bay Friends of 440 Scholarship Fund

The Tampa Bay Friends of 440 Scholarship Fund was founded by Nancy Cavey and is a non-profit organization comprised of attorneys, doctors, insurance adjusters, Judges of Compensation Claims, administrators, rehabilitation providers and others whose primary employment is connected with the Florida Workers’ Compensation Act.  These members donate their time and energy to promote social and educational charitable causes connected with the Workers’ Compensation system.

The primary function of this organization is the award of scholarships to students who are dependents or descendants of individuals who have been injured in the course and scope of employment or whose parents’ employment is primarily engaged within the operation and/or administration of Florida’s Workers’ Compensation system, including adjusters, case managers, support staff, etc. The Fund is intented to aid students who lack the economic ability to continue education beyond high school or to further their college education.

Since 1991, the Scholarship Fund has raised almost one million dollars, allowing the foundation to satisfy over 498 requests towards qualified students.

The deadline for submitted an application is February 28th of any given year. To print an application, please click here.

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