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MetLife Caught for a Third Time

Federal law makes it illegal for insurers, like MetLife, to make undisclosed payments to brokers who played an important role in helping insurance companies win contracts to provide long term disability policies to employees of major US businesses.

In April 2010, MetLife admitted to the US Attorney’s Office in San Diego that it had violated that Federal Law by paying a broker more than $5 million between 1999 and 2005.

MetLife entered in to a settlement with the US Attorney’s Office in San Diego and admitted that they had been tipped in advanced about the bid, the agreement didn’t name the broker or specify a contract, paid the broker secretly $5 million and confessed that they participated in the scheme to boost MetLife’s profits.

This the third time since 2006 that MetLife has paid to settle a case for making improper payments to brokers. The first time they paid $13.5 million to settle with the justice department to avoid criminal prosecution.

MetLife makes big profits by selling employers group long term disability policies, but, unfortunately, those long term disability policies may not be all their cracked up to be. You can learn how carriers like, MetLife, can rob you of your peace of mind by offering you a group long term disability policy that will limit the amount of your benefits, the life of your benefits if you suffer form self-reported conditions or have a mental/nervous condition or can even reduce your disability benefits by the receipt of Social Security Disability benefits that you and your family might receive.

Long term disability insurance carriers don’t make it easy for you to get the disability benefits that you have paid for. You can learn more about the policy provisions that you do not want to see in your disability policy by requesting, free of charge, long term disability attorney Nancy Cavey’s book Robbed of Your Peace of Mind.

MetLife disability claims attorney Nancy Cavey can help you cut through the red tape and fight for your benefits no matter where you live in the United States. You can contact Nancy Cavey at 7278943188.

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