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18.7 % Of the Countries Population Has Some Level of Disability

According to the US Census Bureau’s Report “American’s With Disabilities: 2005” 18.7% of the countries population has some level of disability. You should consider purchasing a private long term disability policy. Before doing so, you should consider the following: A short elimination period will allow you to quickly receive benefits. A policy that provides for cost of living adjustments if you are disabled over a long period of time. A long term disability policy that does not have any reductions if you receive Social Security Disability benefits. Nancy Cavey, long term disability policy expert, has written Robbed of Your Peace of Mind a book that...

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C&M Shull Forms Worker’s Compensation Advisory Group

State of Florida Insurance Consumer Advocate, C&M Shull, has formed the Workers’ Compensation Advisory Group. This group has diverse members of the workers’ compensation system and has invited members of the workers’ compensation section to participate. The Office of Consumer Advocacy is expected to “recommend changes in the workers’ compensation system”. We will keep you advised....

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New Study Links Firefighter Job Duties and Risk Factors to Cardiac Disease

The Punsky II decision makes it clear that Florida's Heart and Lung Presumption can be overcome by clear and convincing evidence. One of the workers' compensation carrier's favorite defenses is that personal risk factor can overcome the presumption. This new study helps destroy the Florida workers' compensation defense to First Responder cardiac claims....

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