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Long Term Disability Claims Surveillance and Labor Day | Florida Long Term Disability – ERISA Denied Attorney

Surveillance is widely used by long term disability insurance companies around major holidays, like Labor Day, to catch you doing something inconsistent with your Activities of Daily Living Statement. Don't destroy your long term disability claim or set yourself up for an ERISA/long term disabilty claims denial....

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Seattle Children’s Hospital Betrays Trust of Autistic Teen’s Family and Seattle Families In Prescribing Fatal Overdose

Seattle Children's Hosptial betrayed the trust of the Blankenship family, whose autistic son was killed after a dental procedure at Seattle Children's Hospital, as a result of a fatal overdose of pain medication prescribed by hospital employees. While admitting their mistake, the Seattle Children's hospital, which has a Center for Children with Special Needs, has decided that fair compensation for an autistic child is less than other children. Despite its self appointment as a "world class health care center for children, Seattle's Children's hospital has walked away from an opportunity to help the Blankenship family heal from this...

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