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First District Enters Confusing Decision on First Responder’s Burden of Proof In Heart and Lung Cases

When is a presumption not a presumption? The First District has entered a confusing 18 page decision on a First Responder's burden of proof under the Heart and Lung Act. What does the First responder have to prove to be entitled to the benefit of the presumption and when does the burden shift to the Employer?...

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Immokalee farmworker rights group ready to protest today outside Burger King HQ

The Coalition of Immokalee Workers is ready for its massive boycott march toward Burger King corporate headquarters to get the fast-food chain to agree with their demands to improve wages and working conditions to farm-workers who harvest tomatoes. After a statewide tour with peaceful protests and workshops, the organization’s national push will culminate Friday at the Burger King corporate headquarters in Miami. For more information, follow the link below....

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