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The Back Log In Social Security Hearings Gets Worse!

Back Log In Social Security Disability Hearings

Did you know that as of August of 2015, the national average and processing time for a Social Security disability application through the date of hearing was 517 days.

Over the last 7 years there has been an attempt to reduce the delay but, unfortunately, things have gotten worse.

What Are The Reasons For The Social Security Back Log?

The reasons for delay are, in part, because the number of decisions made by Administrative Law Judges has decreased over the last 5 years because of an increase emphasis on “decisional quality”.

The Social Security Administration has found “more quality issues” related to favorable decisions then unfavorable decisions.

Are you surprised?  That sends a message to us that the Social Security Administration is discouraging Administrative Law Judges from fairly applying the social security regulations and making an accurate decision as opposed to one that is consistent with “policy”.

Another factor in the inability to reduce and check the hearing backlog is a decrease in the number of Senior Attorney Adjudicators who can render fully favorable decisions.  In the first 11 months of 2005, Senior Attorney Adjudicators only issued 547 decisions.  That’s just 1% of the number they issued 5 years ago.  Once again, the Social Security Administration is citing “quality concerns”

Looking Over The Shoulder Of Administrative Law Judges

Looking over the shoulder of Administrative Law Judges and Senior Attorney Adjudicators has done nothing but prolong the time in which it takes to get a hearing and, in the undersigned’s opinion,  more unfavorable decisions.

It’s time the Social Security Administration to clean up its act and does the right thing for disabled working Americans.  Let Senior Attorney Adjudicators do their jobs!

What You Should Do If Your Claim For Social Security Benefits Is Denied?

It is time to contact Tampa Bay Social Security Disability attorney, Nancy Cavey who can help you get the social security disability benefits you deserve.  Call today at (727) 894-3188.

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